"I remember you."

I have this fantasy since i was a teenager. Getting a taxi and becoming that friendly with the driver that we end up fucking. Unfortunately I have never experienced it. And even though many people I know have, in my case, there never was even a chance. Or was it?

The story that I am about to share with you took place just yesterday. I have the car in the mechanic, and as a result, for the whole week I have to get a taxi to work. Yesterday was no exception. Poured my morning coffee, did my jerking ritual in the morning shower, got dressed and called the taxi.

The app informed me that “Stelios” would be picking me up in 4 minutes. From what I could see from his professional pic in the app, Stelios had a typical greek figure. Mediterranean earthy tones, with a grey thick beard, and curvy. “Hello Stelios” was my initial thought. 

I got out of the building and he was right on time. He lowered his window gave me a look from top to bottom, and asked for my name in order to confirm I was the one waiting for him.

The photo was promising but didn’t do him justice. Stelios was a daddy that would make you warm affectionate love while breeding your hole intensely for hours. He was the greek daddy you were fantasising your whole life. He was the hairy angel you were waiting for. 

Even though I was stunned with awe, I managed to greet him politely and enter the taxi. I sat behind opposing him in order to have a clear view of what felt like the hottest man I had seen in a while. His arms were extremely big, like going to the gym just twice per week big but also likes to eat a lot of steak big. And his fingers. His fucking fingers. I love thick fingers, they drive me crazy. Don’t ask why, I haven’t talked about it with my therapist yet, but they truly get all of my attention. 

Stelios was very talkative. He asked me about my work, about my hobbies, about everything. Our ride was beyond pleasant. I thought “he is working hard for the 5 star review, isn’t he”. All while staring at his incredible sexy fingers. 

He was looking at me though the mirror, all the time. And whenever there was a red traffic light, he would turn his whole body in order to speak to me face to face. But I was there, stuck in the fingers. And then, at some point, he moves his right hand, getting it behind the seat on his right, grabbing the top of the seat, as if he wanted to bring his fingers closer to me. 

They were just a breath away. The hottest five fingers I have ever seen in my life. I felt my whole body shivering, I wanted to put them in my mouth. 

Some mere seconds later, he grabbed the wheal again, leaving me there dreaming. And for the first time since he picked me up, there was silence. A well strategised silence, as he was preparing for the next words that would leave his mouth. 

“You know, I feel I have taken you before.”

I was blown by surprise. In English it may not sound so naughty, but this sentence in greek, can mean both I have picked you up with the car before, or we have had sex before. It took me a while to answer. He had mentioned his wife before, so I thought that he should mean the car ride. But at the same time, the selection of the words, his tone, and the previously mentioned silence, all felt naughty. 

“Oh, really? I take like five taxis per year, what are the chances. That’s cute. Maybe I have one of those faces.”

“No, I remember this ride. Or more like, I remember your house. And your face. I remember you.”

For the first time since he picked me up, he took of his sunglasses. He turned his face and looked me in the eyes, like if he wanted me to remember him as well. But I was lost, I didn’t know what to respond. A million crazy scenarios were passing through my brain and I was numb. 

“Check the app, you should be able to check your previous rides and the drivers’ info” he said. And I opened the app, but I could just see the previous ones. “Don’t worry, after our ride is over, you should be able to see my info” he continued. 

And we reached our destination. He paused, took the sunglasses off again, turned his whole body to me, smiled, and patted my thigh with his sex weapon known as hand. He finished with “have a good day, handsome. And hope to see you again.”

He drove away and I stood there trying to understand the situation. The app lights up, “Did you enjoy your ride with Stelios?” and under that, a button with his phone number. 

N, Athens.