"bellies touching, thighs rubbing"

One night, as I was coming back from a boring day at work, I decided to have a quick bite in the bodega close to the office. I bought my usual sandwich and sat at the bench outside to enjoy it while chatting with the friendly owner. Minutes later, he appeared. He was a bit taller than me, maybe 40 years old, hunk, blond hair and beard, a mesmerising smile and green eyes that could pierce your soul. He was carrying many grocery bags and he was coming to pick up some fresh bread. Apparently he was a neighbour and a regular because they were very friendly with the owner, who introduced us. 

He left the bags down in order to offer me a handshake. It’s been more that 10 days but I still remember the warmth of his palm. His voice was calm and bass, somehow hypnotising. I was intrigued, and he was too. He was checking me out, head to toe, focusing on my thighs and my love handles. He was talking to the bakery owner about work and bread but he was looking at me, pausing like he really had to think about what to say. 

He tried to grab all the bags again but he couldn’t, they were too many now. Seconds ago he had mentioned that his house was just a couple of blocks away, so I offered to help him since I was going that way anyway. Guess what - I was not. But I needed to connect with him some more. In the brief walk till his house we exchanged some information like where we are from and things like that. It felt like a first date.

We reached his building and, as a thank you for helping him, he offered some wine. I accepted and followed him upstairs. The elevator was pleasantly tiny, making us squeeze inside. Our bodies were incredibly close to each other, with our bellies touching, our thighs rubbing, and our faces… so close. I couldn’t help but get hard. I felt blushing. 

“Oh…”, he could feel my hard dick touching him. I didn’t know what to say or do, we still had three floors to travel. Seconds that felt like hours. He tilted over slowly and whispered to my ear that I was very handsome. He then very sensually bit my earlobe. That made me shiver and moan.  And then he kissed me. 

His house was beautiful. He gave me a tour, poured some wine and then kissed me again. We were both so very hard. His touch was so gentle and sensual, he really knew how to convey his intentions and how to invite me in. I was feeling pleasantly helpless in his arms.

We spent two hours together. He licked every inch of my body and I was numb the whole time. There was no penetration, nor the need for it. I guess that’s what tantric sex is about. Our bodies danced in silence, exploring the warmth of intimacy. He had this magical ability - his fingers were able to arouse wherever they touched. His breath was so sensual that I couldn’t help but gasp every time he came close to my ear… And he was looking me deep inside my eyes… it felt like he could see my truest self. I couldn’t hide anything from him. 

He made come using his hand while breathing in my ear. My load was so much it felt like my soul exited my body. It was so intense, yet we were just laying there. 

It’s been two weeks since we met and I cannot stop thinking about him. He stole my mind. Hopefully I will get to be touched by him again soon. I want to get lost in his arms while he whispers in my ear.