“Now we will show you how we treat pretty boys with hairy butts.”

It was the last day of our summer vacations. We were at the beach, drinking since mid day. Well, at least the others because I was my same old boring self enjoying my book by the sea instead of having beers and looking all the wet muscly bodies around me. Later that night everyone went to bed super early as we had to pack our things and leave the island the next day. However, I really wanted to have a drink, listen to some music and enjoy the breeze while walking down the narrow little streets of the island.

Lies. I was so fucking horny. I had to fuck. Everyone had all these crazy experiences and I had nothing. The girls had met these locals that had given them numerous moments of pleasure in every car available and all the toilets that could lock on the island. The other two guys were either fucking or quarreling. Me, on the other hand, I have been flirting a lot, but nothing more. I was getting smiles and winks, people looking at my unbuttoned shirts and my hairy chest all the time. But that was it, nothing more, no sex. But that night I had to have sex. So I wore my favorite jockstrap and left the room horny as fuck.

I scrolled down the port having a beer, ending up at the bar that we had spent most of our nights. Greetings with the owners, the casual shots and another beer. Then I got to my usual spot on the bar, checking who comes in and who gets out. Nothing special. The time was passing by and the booze had started to kick in. The bar was full, girls were on top of the tables and guys with eyes full of lust. On the table just across the bar there were two guys in their forties, having drinks calmly and gazing at the crowd. They were looking at every ass in front of them, they were giving each other funny looks and they were smiling all the time. The one was a really tall brunet guy, enormously charming, with a well trimmed beard and shaved head, wearing sporty clothes. The other one was a bit more outgoing and social, tall as well, with a lot of grey hair and a charming rounded belly - which got me going crazy.

Shots after shots and we found ourselves in the same group of people. My bisexual experience makes me able to contribute to all the cheesy stuff about the pussy calling, not making clear about my gay orientation. Something that will not last for long. The coach, as I would call him for the rest of the night, wants to visit the toilet. I follow him as all these beers had done their job. Only one toilet available and both of us were in a big need to let it all go out. “Come on motherfucker, we are men” he says and invited me in with him. We find ourselves with our cocks out, pissing side by side. His cock was very thick, with an enormous head, and some hair were getting out of his underwear. I take the risk and get my shorts a bit more down, so my black jockstrap was more visible. He takes a quick look and says “I guessed that you were naughty but not that much”. He turns his whole body to me and spills his last drops of pee on my thighs. And then he leaves, leaving me horny as fuck.

The night was still young and I couldn’t let what happen slip my mind. A bit later, his friend, a captain, as I would later found out, insists on going to chill out at his boat. He proposes to find a slutty tourist to have fun till the morning. We go at his yacht, get out shirts off and we are flirting with the girls passing by. The port was getting more and more quiet and at the end we end up being all alone. Coach proposes to get inside. He lights a cigaret and lays on the sofa. “Show the captain your underwear you motherfucker”, he says touching intensely his bulge. For a moment I got numb. The alcohol had done its part so I slowly got my shorts down. I put my leg up on the table and bent over so both of these sexy fuckers could have a look at my horny butt hole. I felt their eyes striking me with lust.

“Look at this faggot, acting like a man all night long, captain”.

“I saw the way he was undressing us with his eyes. Now we will show you how we treat pretty boys with hairy butts.”

I was silent, showing how obedient I could be. Still bent over, coach got up and started rubbing his big bulge on my face. I was feeling his tool getting harder and harder. I started bitting it above the clothes and slowly got his pants and his white slippers down. The manly smell of his cock and his thick fur drove me crazy. I grabbed his big cock and put it all inside my hungry mouth. With this view in front of him, captain got super hard. He got his cock out as well and started slapping me on the face with it. On the same time he got his fingers wet and started digging my hole really deep. I then had in front of me two fat hard cocks full of pre cum. I asked them to sit on the sofa. I got on my knees and started by getting their shoes off. They were both wearing sneakers and their socks were wet as they have been wearing them all day long. I put their feet on my mouth, licking every single inch of them. I was sniffing their dirty big sneakers and they were stepping on my head.  Lying on the floor, I was then ready to get abused. I am really not powerful at all, so they could do anything the wanted with me. They grabbed me from my waist and they got me on my knees. Coach pushed his dick in my mouth and started pulling my hair. He was pushing his tool deeper and deeper inside my throat, I couldn’t swallow I was chocking. I was getting slapped on the face and both of them were spitting on me.

“Suck it better otherwise I will make you vomit on my cock.”

The captain started licking my hole. I was feeling his tongue getting deep inside me, wetting my pussy, making it ready to get fucked real hard. He was caressing my butt cheeks with his strong hands and he was pulling them wide open like he wanted to torn my in half. He then got a condom on and pierced my horny ass. I moaned fiercely, something that made them even more horny.

“This is how you gonna scream from now on, fucker. I want to hear how horny you are.”

My second fucker got up and headed to the deck. Still at my fours, and with a cock buried inside me, I followed him obediently like a good pup.

There was a small breeze that got me shivering. He saw me trembling and said “that’s why we came here, to warm you up”. Before even finishing his sentence, his semi hard dick was already spilling his piss on his feet. “Suck them, slut” he ordered me. I obeyed and sucked all of his liquids while he continued peeing on my back.

The captain pulled his hard cock out from my ass and then I felt another wave of hot piss, now filling my hole. They changed positions and he choked me with his tool.

The bald fucker that has gotten behind me started fucking me vigorously. I have never got fucked that hard before. It felt like he wanted to get his whole self inside me. My butt cheeks were burning form the slapping, while my face was so fucking red from the pain and the lust.

Suddenly I heard them whispering something I didn’t get. Just a moment later I found myself riding captain’s thick cock while coach was trying to double penetrate my hungry ass. Tears started running down my face but I couldn’t do anything. I had to be a good boy and take both. Coach was pushing me so hard that I was actually bouncing on two cocks simultaneously. It was painful but I was enjoying it so much.

The end was near. They made me lay on the wet deck. Captain spilled his rich cum on my hairy chest and with his fingers he fed me. On the same time captain was playing with my hole, putting his whole fist inside me. That drove me crazy. I came instantly all over my belly. He then kneed by my side and ordered me to open my mouth. He filled it with his thick cum and then kissed me, making me swallow everything.

This is my most intense sexual experience ever.

Giorgos, 28, mykonos