“Without hesitation, she said that she wanted to swallow everything.”

It was a casual Friday night and my girlfriend and me were supposed to meet a friend couple to visit our favorite swinger club. My friend’s girl couldn’t make it so it was only us three in the end. But this turned out to be great actually, as we had one of our best nights in that place.

We arrived at the club around 23.30 and we were among the first people there. We had a drink and we were watching the new couples coming in. At around 1am the first two couples got upstairs, where the bedrooms are located. We finished our drinks and went upstairs as well.

Even though downstairs the club was very crowded, only these two couples were having fun upstairs. Ages 30-40, playing all together in the big room, with the door open to entertain the people outside. After watching them for a bit, we decided to get downstairs again and have another drink. While we were having our second round of booze, a 55yo man with a 30 girl came and sat besides us.

I got closer to them, and then the guy asked me about the place. It was their first time in the club so they wanted to know some info. He asked me if this was the whole club or if there were any other floors as well. I took the opportunity and I offered to give them a tour. The girl got very excited instantly.

I grabbed her hand and showed them the way up. I gave them a proper tour of the place, we watched the couples having sex and then we got again at the bar to continue our drink. No more than 10 mins later, the girl asked me for another tour upstairs. Her guy proposed we had a private threesome. I left my girlfriend and our friend at the bar and went upstairs.

We entered the first free cabin we found and we stayed there for 45 minutes. The girl was around 168cm high, thin with nice strong boobs, a tattoo on her back, and piercing on the lips, something that feels so hot while kissing or when giving head as I was about to discovered.

We started kissing, and taking our clothes off slowly. I licked her whole body, making her horny like hell. She wanted to suck my cock so bad. The feeling of the piercing was driving me crazy. She then got on top of me, grabbing my cock and putting it inside her hot pussy. She was so horny. She seamed to enjoy what she was doing with no taboos or second thoughts. She was kissing me all the time. We changed positions. I made her get on her knees. I wanted to see her tattoo and her fantastic ass. I was slapping her ass and my cock was hard as a rock. When I was about to come I asked where she would like me to do it. Without hesitation she said that she wanted to swallow everything. And she did. She didn’t let any drop go wasted. She was the perfect girl. Then it was the boyfriend’s turn to fuck her. She asked to swallow his cum as well.

We got dressed and left the cabin. As we were walking around I saw my girlfriend and our friend being part of a big orgy happening in the cabin besides us. My girlfriend and another girl were sucking together my friend’s cock, while couples were fucking on their side. I got downstairs to relax a bit and then I got upstairs to get part in the orgy.

This was an amazing night.

Fotis, Athens.