Fluffer Everyday is a sexy platform aiming to make your day feel more naughty. A collectable magazine published annually in a combination with a blog updated daily, presenting you the sexy heroes of your everyday life. Fantasies becoming obsessions and everyday stuff getting you hard - that’s Fluffer Everyday. The guy that makes your coffee everyday in the coffee shop just right in the corner, your doctor, the super hot ginger you come across on the street. Everyone could be your fluffer. 

In both our printed and online pages you will find photographs, videos, and stories, of everyday people in the way you actually see them. Full of lust. With their muscles pumped up, with their yummy boobs, their eyes bright as the sun and their clothes as dirty as they should be. 

You could call it porn, soft or hard. I will call it an unconventional diary of what keeps my sexuality alive. 

I want all of you to be part of it. I guess we all could get inspiration from another person’s perspective of what is sexy. I cannot wait to hear your story.


Sotiris Trechas aka The Dreamer.