Casting party at The Eagle London.

In our first issue we explained who we call fluffer, and how they can just appear accidentally in front of you. On the second issue of Fluffer Everyday we will elaborate on where to go and what to do when you are actually looking for your fluffer -  the so called act of cruising. In order to present cruising the best way we can, we will showcase a number of different cruising experiences, from nude beaches to public toilets and professional specified businesses. 
On Friday 31st of March 2017 we held a special gathering at the Eagle London, one of the first and more prestigious cruising bars in the British capital. We called it a casting party because the purpose of this event was to take pictures of a cruising experience in a place like the Eagle. Men flirting, making out, dancing and so on.
We had so much fun! It was a very inspiring night and we would like to thank each and everyone that came and had fun with us. A huge thank you goes as well to Mark and the rest of the Eagle family for having us.
Here you can have a look at what happened that night. The rest are printed in our second issue. 
Music by Tareq & The Dreamer.
Fluffer Everyday issue 2 - Casting party at The Eagle London from Fluffer Everyday on Vimeo.