issue no.3 - cover a

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PLEASE NOTE: This is a magazine for adults, containing explicit material. You have to be 18+ years old in order to purchase this publication.

This issue offers an introduction to the fascinating world of leather, the infamous fetish. People around the world share their experiences about the skin covering their own skin, and how this material came to be a very important part of their everyday life.

Two special edition covers, with each cover printed just in 500 pieces. Every magazine is numbered on the back cover.

For those that would like to get both covers, there will be a listing available with a smaller price than buying them separately.

edition of 1000 copies in total, 2 covers x 500 pieces each. 
21Χ28,4 cm 
48 pages + cover 
inside: illustration paper 115gr. 
cover illustration paper 250gr.