"A DIY glory hole."

Cruising with covid? If someone said this to me a couple of days ago I would laugh at their face. I have been social distancing myself from almost everybody as I am afraid for my parents that are old. I see them regularly as I have to help them with the chores, so I didn’t want to take a risk.

I love cruising. Too much. The mystery, the risk, the anonymity, they all turn me on greatly! Not being able to have sex out there, had affected me a lot. I haven’t had sex for four months. I am going crazy. I don’t even see my regulars. I don’t want to risk it. Then I read all this tips from the health organisations online, about choosing glory holes and not kissing during sex as a way of protection and I got interested. The mask I don’t mind, I actually find it sexy. I was curious to see if others were cruising and if they were following any of these tips. So I put my mask on, got my condoms ready, and headed for the park close to my house. Famous cruising spot of the area, with an abandoned camping site providing many empty semi destroyed buildings for living the fantasy. There are people cruising all day, but the fun starts at night, right after the sunset, when the darkness takes over. To my surprise, the park was full of people walking towards the cruising area. All wearing masks, all rubbing their bulges. Everybody was checking everybody and they all seemed really horny. I was getting turned on just by the sexy vibes in the atmosphere.

Everybody was going wild! All the hidden spots were busy with groups of people going at it. It was like covid never happened. Even though I was hard, I didn’t want to participate in the action. I was still afraid. I kept walking around, just getting images in my head for jerking later. I got deep inside the forest and I reached the camping site where I saw a big queue of people. I walked by them curious to find out what was happening at the end of the queue. A glory hole! Someone had set up a DIY glory hole and was taking loads. It was a wooden wall with a big hole in it, and behind that wall there was a chubby bear on his knees, pleasantly getting bred but everybody interested. It was so funny because they were all wearing masks, keeping at least 1 m distance from each other, but all waiting to fuck the same ass. It was like free porn so I got myself a good spot and started jerking off to the live spectacle. The slutty bear saw me and got horny. He got his mask off and started sniffing poppers as he was looking me straight in the eyes. It felt like he was thinking that I was the one fucking him. Load after load, the bear was moaning, asking for more. I was jealous of him for getting everything. But I couldn’t join. So I just kept enjoying the show. When I was about to cum, I stood up and exploded right in front of him. He smiled happily and nodded that he would be there tomorrow too.