“Swallow, he ordered.”

I have been going to this gym for many years now and more or less I know everybody. Not actually knowing them, but like nodding good morning every day, you know. I don’t have a regular time, I go to the gym whenever I am free, and as a result I know everybody, the morning shift, the night shift etc.

Every time period has its own type of people. The midday is my favourite time, as the gym is more quiet with less people. Usually, the people going around 11-1 are the ones that are either not working, or they are freelancers of sorts. The ones that are not working are the most chill, gym is like a social thing for them. They go to socialise, have a laugh, and maybe pump the biceps. One of these people is Daddy G, that’s how everybody is calling him. A tall, super muscly, 55yo ex-weight lifting coach, that comes to the gym after he leaves his son at school. I always catch him in the lockers when he is finishing. Very talkative with everybody, always willing to give tips for workouts and diet, and always talking proudly about how cute his little son is. Truth be told, I caught them once buying sneakers in a shop close to the gym and the little demon is indeed very cute. So Daddy G spends a lot of time in the locker room, joking around with the bros, doing all these manly things. And he is always naked. Naked with his huge thick daddy dick dancing around as he is hugging or tickling the other guys. Is this how straight guys fool around? Every time I see this I am shocked. How can he so casually have his dick move around so freely, occasionally touching the other straight guys? I always get hard and I try to hide it.

So one day Daddy G was late. We arrived at the same time. My first thought was that finally maybe I will catch him on the steam room. But fate had other plans. After goodmorning me in a very friendly way, as I was his young nephew or something, he offered to train me. Well actually it was more like suggesting he has to train me as I am not as pumped as I should be. Ok Daddy, come through.

Only weights today, he said. He showed me every exercise I should be doing, explaining every muscle involved. His hands were touching me all the time, making sure that my body was positioned in the right way, avoiding hurting myself. His head was close to me, coaching my breaths as I was trying my best. His deep voice was guiding me as I was trying to make him proud. “Vamos! Harder! One more! Come on!” screaming in my face, pushing me to accomplish more. Daddy G was so focused on me, he was not interacting with anybody else.”Come on baby! You can do this!”. I was wet, inside out. I was struggling to not get hard as Daddy G’s hands were caressing me. Forty minutes later we were done and I was exhausted. “Good boy. Today you’ve been a very good boy. Bravo!” he said and patted me on the butt. “Off to shower and then I will buy you lunch” he promised.

He accompanied me to the locker rooms as the mentoring was not done. The second part of schooling was about nutrition and the right way to diet in order to make my biceps and butt more rounded. His exact words lol. As we were getting naked his hands were point which muscles we had worked today. My cock was out there, I couldn’t hide it any more. I was getting hard. “Dont be shy, we are guys” he said and he pinched my butt. “Come on, time to relax now” he said and led the way to the steam room.

We got in the tiny steam room and he insisted we sit close to each other. He spread his legs, touching mine. “So how is life?” he asked as his hand was pinching my cheek. Not sure what came out of my mouth. My brain was too busy trying to control my hard on. “Oh, here he is again!” He said laughing at my hard dick. “I am so sorry, I cannot control it! Daddy you are too touchy!” I told him. “And? I can stop if you want” he said as his hand was now touching my hard, burning-about-to-explode dick. “You’ve been a good boy today so Daddy is going to help you now” said while his right hand was stroking my dick and his left hand was stroking his. “Every day here, going around with this yummy bubble butt of yours, getting sweaty and all. Now Daddy has to taste this” he said and got on his knees, ready to suck me. I was trembling. Daddy G was on his knees, gagging on my hard dick. His moaning was deep and his thick daddy hands were slapping my face. He got up, slapped my face harder, gave me a deep kiss and then spitted on my mouth. “Now your turn” he said and pushed my face on his cock. I devoured him. His dick was thick, more thick than I thought. His strong hands were holding my head as he was fucking my mouth. I was stroking my dick so hard. He was slapping my face with his dick and he was spitting me. “Daddy is gonna come now” he said and slapped my face for the last time. His hand opened my mouth as his huge dick was exploding his daddy load all over my face. He moaned deep with pleasure as every drop of his load was spread across my horny face. But he was not over. He gathered every drop from my face with his hand and put it inside my mouth. He then gave me a passionate kiss, getting some of the cum on his mouth, then spitting it inside me again. I came instantly. He smiled and took my load on his hand and then feed it to me. “Swallow” he ordered. And I did. Both loads were dancing inside me. “Good boy. Now shower”.

After shower Daddy G was his normal self, naked, joking around with everybody at the lockers. “Kid, I promised lunch” he said and we got to the cafeteria. We talked about life and had a cute time without mentioning what had just happened. We left as he had to pick up his son from school.


“This is our secret, ok boy?”

“Yes Daddy. But I want more now.”

“Good. I will train you some more.”


And he did. He trains me every Wednesday.

K, Athens.