“And then he kissed me.”

I met him many years ago in a friend’s birthday party. He didn’t know anyone as he had just moved to Athens and he was very shy. I remember trying to talk to him and be funny so he would feel more comfortable. He was so sweet. Still is. He is 1.90m tall, stocky, blondish, with a beautiful smile, and the most sexy hands I have ever seen in my life. It has been almost 2 years since the night we met. We talk regularly and we meet almost weekly. We have never gone for drinks just the two of us, we are always a big group of friends. I guess I was shy to ask him out, I couldn’t tell if he was into me as well, and I didn’t like to risk our friendship. Every time we go out and get drunk and high I hope he gets wasted and wants to kiss me. But he is always in control, never loosing his face. I haven’t talked about this to any of our common friends because I wouldn’t like them to start gossiping.

Last Saturday we went to this party and we got super drunk. I spent the whole night staring at this hands. I was imagining they were touching me all over and my whole body was trembling. Whenever he wanted to say something to me, I was pretending I couldn’t hear him and I was getting my ear closer to his mouth so I could feel his breath. I think he understood. I got shy so pulled my self back and moved a bit away from him. After a couple of minutes he nod that he wanted to tell me something. I went back to him but this time didn’t get my ear close to his mouth. He came closer to me, and put it himself. He was silent. A second later I feel his tongue licking my ear softly and his strong hands grabbing me by the waist. My nipples got so hard. And then he kissed me. I thought the music stopped. Everything around us was black and silent. We spent the whole night kissing, we didn’t say any words. It felt like it didn’t matter. I could tell that we were sharing the same feelings. When it was time to go, he said he would walk me home.We walked all the way holding hands, saying jokes or random stuff, not saying anything about the kiss. When we arrived at my building I asked him if he would like to come upstairs but he said no. His quick reply disappointed me instantly. However, with a smile at his face, he got closer to my ear and whispered “I will get upstairs after I buy you ice cream tomorrow night. Right after the cinema.”

I am in love.