“I need his hands inside me!”

I have read all the stories that you have posted and they all are sex driven. In my case sex is not the ultimate fantasy. I guess I am more into “obsessions”. And the one obsession that can drive me crazy is a pair of big strong hands. Touching me, caressing me, holding me tight. Grabbing my hair, slapping my ass, my face, my tits. I don’t care about the face, I don’t care about the body, I don’t care about the dick or any other characteristic a man could have. A big strong hand can make me come more than anything else. My ex boyfriend was really thin, short, and had a weird voice. All my friends were making fun of me, they couldn’t understand why I was with him! They couldn’t believe how much his hands were doing to me. He was fingering me and I could feel his whole body inside me, drilling me, making me wet as fuck. I didn’t care about his cock, his hands could give me an orgasm that I wouldn’t stop thinking about days and days later. My boss has strong big hands as well. I haven’t felt them yet, but I dream about them all the time. In the rare occasion that he touches me I get the shivers! I need him to grab my big fat ass and eat it. I imagine his veins pumping inside me while he is fisting my wet hole and I go mental! I need his hands inside me!