“Are you in a hurry, boy?”

I was at the airport patiently waiting for the flight to start boarding. I had to pee so I headed to the closest wc.

I always use the urinals, they turn me insanely on. So I just stood in front of one, took my semi hard dick out and started peeing, as one would. I always pick the one in the middle so I can glance towards both directions. 

No more than a couple of minutes later, a daddy wearing an airport uniform entered the wc and stepped in front of the urinal on my left side. He must have been in a managerial position, the uniform was implying so. 

He unzipped his preppy pants, got his massive dick out and stood there. He was checking me the whole time. And he was not shy about it. He started throbbing his massive dick while he was focused on my peeing dick. 

I felt my face turning red. I couldn’t help but stare at him playing with himself. I turned my head and glanced at his strong masculine face. He was a head taller than me. A proper daddy, with a thick grey beard.

He bit his lips and smiled at me, still jerking off. That’s when I heard flashing from one of the cabins. The door opened and someone got out. I felt exposed and shy so stopped looking at the hot daddy on my side. By the time the other guy had finished washing his hands and got out of the wc, I had finished peeing and I was putting my dick inside my pants again.

“Are you in a hurry, boy?”

He was still jerking off, even harder now. 

“Do you want that dick cleaned, boy?”

He pushed one of the cabin doors open and nodded to follow him inside. He put the toilet shit down, sat on it, pulled his pants down, and continued jerking off, sitting like a king.

I followed his lead and entered the cabinet, closing the door behind me. I stood there in front of him. He pulled my pants down, keeping my white underwear on, and buried his face on my crotch. A wet yellow stain from the piss was visible. He aimed for that. He sniffed and sniffed. He bit the small socket of the underwear and pulled it down, while his hands where grabbing my butt. 

My cock went hard instantly. I raised my hands and hold the walls on the side. My underwear was down, my cock was out, and he was looking at it, almost like trying to decide how to start with it. He got back into jerking his dick, took a deep breath and devoured my hard cock. He was not moving his mouth. He was just using his tongue. He then got it really deep inside his throat and started doing all these squeezing pumps. 

Someone entered the bathroom. With my dick still in his mouth, he raised his head to look at me and raised his finger to order me to be silent. His crystal clear green eyes were so sharp. They were ordering me to cum inside his throat. And I did. I was about to scream but he raised his hand and covered my mouth, preventing me from doing so. I exploded silently inside his mouth and he swallowed every single drop of my hot cum. 

Without moving his head from my cock, he squeezed his dick that hard and pulled it down just once, before ejaculating on his hand. He then ate that too. 

He smiled at me and winked. He put my pants back on and pointed me to get out. I did, washed my hands and got back to my gate. 

When the boarding started he appeared out of nowhere and got to the desk and started checking everyone’s passport. When he checked mine, he winked at me and wished me a good flight. And a good flight it was.

David, Barcelona.