"His fat hairy fingers."

I have this fantasy since i was a teenager. Getting a taxi and becoming that friendly with the driver that we end up fucking. Unfortunately i have never experienced it. And even though many people I know have, in my case there never was even a chance. Or was it?

The story that I am about to share with you took place just yesterday. I have the car in the mechanic, and as a result, for the past week I have been getting a taxi to work. Yesterday was no exception. Poured my morning coffee, did my jerking ritual in the morning shower, got dressed and called the taxi.

The app informed me that “Stelios” would be picking me up in 4 minutes. From what I could see from his professional pic on the app, Stelios had a typical greek figure. Mediterranean earthy tones, with a grey thick beard, and curvy.  “Hello Stelios” was my initial thought. 

I got out of the building and he was right on time. He lowered his window gave me a look from top to bottom, and asked for my name in order to confirm I was the one waiting for him.

The photo was promising but didn’t do him justice. Stelios was a daddy that would make you warm affectionate love while breeding your hole intensely for hours. He was the greek daddy you were fantasising your whole life. He was a hairy angel. I entered the vehicle and sat on the back across him, in order to have a view of him through the mirror. 

Stelios was very chatty. He was eager to talk about the traffic, the construction sites we passed through, the poor stray dogs of the city. He even shared a funny adventure he had with a bee that almost stung him while on the go. All this while he was looking at me through the mirror, adjusting it frequently so he can have a better look at me. He also mentioned a wife and kids. 

Whenever we stopped in a traffic light, he would place his right arm behind the seat on his right, intensely grabbing the head pillow thingie on the top. A casual presentation of his fat hairy fingers.

I was obsessed. Everything was spectacular. His physique. His voice. His fingers. His fat hairy fingers. They were driving me crazy. Everything about him did. I wanted him to reach lower and grab my thigh instead of the seat. I wanted him to caress my belly while whispering in my ear. I could almost feel his fat hairy fingers squeezing my butt as if he was spreading my butt cheeks wide open to rim me. I wanted him to get inside me. Right there, on the back seat. 

Half way through, and after asking me about what I do and where am going, he took a dramatic pause and took his sunglasses off before continue talking to me, this time with more bass in his voice. 

“You know, I remember you. I have taken you again”.

Disclaimer. In greek, as in english, the verb “take” can be used both metaphorically and literally. To take someone metaphorically, it means to fuck. But in greek, it sounds way more intense and aggressive than in english. It’s truly passionate.

Having lost my words, I remained silent, looking him dead in the eyes through the mirror, waiting for him to continue before I jumped into conclusions. 

“I remember this route. And your house. I remember you and your beautiful beard. I have taken you before.”


“Yes. Do you remember me?”

I never forget people I have had sex with. Never. How could I have forgotten someone like Stelios? There was no way. 

“I take taxis only 3 times per year. That would be such a crazy coincidence. Maybe we have met somewhere else? Like a bar maybe?”

And I continued. “Maybe we have met at Big Bar?” I was trying my luck, as Big is the bear bar of Athens. I had to make sure if we had met in the past, had sex, or if he was flirting with me.

“I don’t go there”. So he knows about Big. “Check the app, you should be able to check there” he instructed me. I couldn’t. “It should be there, together with my contact info.”

Could it be? That was his plan? He wanted me to make sure that I have access to his contact info? But he mentioned a wife. But on the other hand, he wouldn’t be the first guy with a wife that I’d fool around with.

After that our ride was more quiet than before. Stelios was not as chatty. He was looking at me more frequently, and his right hand was resting on top of his thigh, coincidentally close to his bulge. 

All I could think of was that if I hadn’t jerked off before leaving the house, my boner would be piercing through my pants now and my cum would be all over the place. Not only he was extremely sexy, I also loved the way he approached this. The selection of his words, the body language, the looks. The silence. Everything was on point. His strategy was working. I was hard. I wanted him. 

We arrived at my work. He parked on the side of the street, as if our goodbye would take longer than a casual taxi drop-off.  

“So see you soon?” I said, implying that luck would work its magic once again and he would “take me” on a ride once again. 

He laughed. He turned his whole body towards the back, offering me a handshake. “I am sure! Check the app. Have a good day handsome.”

The handshake lasted passionately enough, while we both smiled uncontrollably looking at each other. 

We may not have had sex, but he did make my day. I was hyper and smiling the whole day. He is the only thing I have been thinking since yesterday. My fantasy was almost fulfilled.