"Every dick comes with a story."

I am a 50 yo gay bear living in Athens. I have lived my life gorgeously, with many stories to tell. I have travelled everywhere you can imagine. I never was a relationship guy so I have spent most of my life as single. I love sex too much. More than any kind of relationship could handle. I have no type. I can get aroused by everything and everyone, if the moment is right. As a top guy, I have fucked from tiny twinks to massive chubby polar bears. Unfortunately, all this enjoyment came with a price. Partying too much always pays you back and my body was not able to withstand all this crazy lifestyle that I got to enjoy. My health got tricky at some point and I had to go through some surgeries that left my cock numb. I am having orgasms and I can ejaculate pleasantly, but my dick never gets as hard as it used to, so I am not able to top anymore.

Wanting to enjoy sex again, I discovered bottoming. A pleasure that I once was afraid to explore. My life changed forever. I thought that I had experienced the highest form of sexual pleasure, but I was wrong. Bottoming was new and I was eager to own it.

Many partners later, I felt that I had learned how to take a dick up in me in every way possible. It was all about the dick, not the person. I had to master bottoming so I had to conquer every dick that came up my way. Using the apps, I never minded for a face pic. I was more interested in the background story rather than the beauty of the face. I came to realise that every dick comes with a story, and that story would inspire a unique way of fucking. Two people cannot fuck the same way, because every person is different. So there are billions of ways to fuck. And yes, I had to experience as many as possible.

It was a casual Wednesday night and I was scrolling down as I came across a hairy torso accompanied by a nickname that got my attention. I cannot tell you the name, but I can tell you something similar. “It’s you”. I tapped. His bio was even more intriguing. “I am here for you, use me as you please.”.

A smiley emoji was a good start and two hours later the hairy torso was ringing my doorbell. I had no high expectations as we didn’t exchange any pics. To my surprise, the hairy torso belonged to a 2-meters-tall hunk, with a strong build like an athlete. His face was gentle and cute, but you could tell that deep inside there was a beast hiding. We went to the bedroom straight away, like there was no time to waste. I started undressing quickly but he stopped me. “No, let me do it.”

I surrendered myself to him as I stood there looking at his strong hands taking down my pants.

“Tell me, how can I please you?” he whispered as he started licking my nipples and continue down to my cock. Before I had the power to speak up, he noticed the scar at my balls. “I understand” he said and kissed my balls gently. It felt like he got my full story without me even speaking a word. He turned me upside down and started rimming my ass passionately. He was still dressed, so I had yet to see his cock. After a couple of minutes, he stopped and got up. He told me to not turn my head and stay laying down as I was. I heard his denim trousers falling down and his shoes flying off. And then I felt it. A massive cock caressing my leg, getting up to my butt. He pushed himself up my wet ass slowly, making sure I could take it without pain. When I was loose enough, he starting banging me, destroying me, blowing my brains out. Again and again and again, I was screaming from pleasure as this monster cock was screwing me like no one before. “Come inside me!” I screamed, and he did. His huge load filled my hole, dripping out and down my legs. He had blown my mind away. “I want more!” I moaned, and he shoved his dick up my ass again. He fucked me for two hours straight, breeding me three times in total. I couldn’t have more, my body was done.

As we were laying there, numb from all the pleasure, he asked me to tell him my story. After I did he gave me a wet kiss on the lips and promised to fuck me whenever I wanted. He also promised to fuck whoever I wanted him to fuck in my place. He would be the fucker that I couldn’t be. I would give the command and his dick would operate as I desired.

And this is our thing now. I meet people that I would love to top and I call him and he comes fucks their brains out as I command him to do. I tell him how to push, in which positions to be, how hard to fuck them, I decide everything! I am the director! I have two toys in front of me and I play with them as I please. He is literally my Fluffer. This is something I had never thought of trying, and here I am, enjoying it to the fullest.

V, Athens