"You’re lucky.”

I arrived in Sydney when I was twenty one. I knew by then I was interested in guys, but I hadn’t come out yet. I spent most of my free days looking at the chiselled bodies on the beach. But what really got me going was the lycra-clad cycling boys. I had a thing for the younger boys specifically, though some of the older guys were hot too.

There was a group of guys in their early 20s I became familiar with, I made a habit of getting up early to get my coffee when they dropped by. They were in incredible shape, all strutting in with their steaming full bodysuits and their jerseys unzipped. I had a favourite of course; I could recognise him from the bulge in his shorts alone. I knew there was something special waiting beneath them.

I was at a picnic with some people I barely knew. My friend from the gallery said his mate was going to join us, and to my surprise one of them was my cyclist crush. He’d just come back from a ride, he was still wearing his lycra. He recognised me and smiled, and I felt my cock pulsing against my jeans. He excused himself to get changed in the bathroom. I was nervous but I couldn’t miss my chance. I said I needed to piss and followed him into the public bathrooms. That smell will always stick with me – sea salt mixed with tile cleaner and urinal soap cakes.

I knocked on the cubicle, he grunted and opened the door a creak. He was wearing only his shorts. My eyes lingered on his sinewy calves and muscular thighs, and then at the juicy bulge in his groin. “You’re the guy from the café” he said casually. I couldn’t make eye contact so I just nodded. He paused - “Did you come here by yourself?” - I said I only knew my friend from the gallery. He winked at me. “That’s alright” he said “I’ll keep you company” – meanwhile he closed the door behind me. He pressed his hand against my bulge and unbuckled my belt. I turned and faced the cubicle wall – “You know I don’t usually do this in public” I said. He covered my mouth and pressed his huge cock against my arse – I felt my breath leave me. I was trembling by the time he was finished. We were both covered in sweat when he pulled his clean clothes back on. I was still on my knees and couldn’t move. “You’re lucky” he said “I always get horny after a ride.” He glanced over his shoulder on his way out - “See you later” – and flashed a wicked smile.