“Feed me.”

I enjoy cruising. A lot. But unfortunately I dont have a lot of experience on the matter. Most of my experiences are from my travels abroad. I love exploring the local spots so whenever i visit a new place, i get online and check what are the options if you would like to enjoy some local meat. 

I was in Barcelona recently, and that city is a cruising spot in whole. All the guys are so horny, you can get it everywhere. Obviously, the main spot is a park, and during the night it’s pure cruising fiesta.

I got off the metro and walked towards the infamous location. Little did I know that my cruising experience had started since I got off the wagon. Three other guys left the wagon with me and we were all heading towards the same direction. All sets of eyes were working their way around each other, checking the possibilities, scanning each other.  They seemed more experienced than me so i decided to trust the locals and follow them. 

We reached the naughty bushes soon. Dozens of other horny men where there, waiting for their next prey. One of my fellow adventurers, the most handsome of the bunch, headed towards what looked like his favorite spot, kneeled down, and waited for the first man to feed him. It didn’t take more than a few seconds for the first stranger to approach him. He took out his already hard dick and put it in his mouth. Very soon a queue was formed, with guys lined up waiting to feed the handsome cub. I stood there, watching the show with awe. 

One after the other, the guys were unloading on the cub’s mouth. He swallowed every single drop. He devoured more than 15 loads. He looked so pleased. 

When the queue was done and everyone scattered, the handsome cub, still kneeled, looked at me, the last spectator, and noted “I could still go on.” I took my hard dick out and approached him. His tongue grasped my dick and put it in his mouth. My precum might have tasted nicely, as implied by his smile. His skills were exceptional. I couldn’t help but moan as he was devouring my hard dick. I was so lost in the moment that I hadn’t noticed that a new queue was forming behind me. I was shy no more. I was part of the show now. 

“Feed me” the cub whispered looking me dead in the eyes. My load was accompanied by a restrained scream. The cub smiled and winked pleased. 

It took me a second to catch my breath. I moved to the side in order for the next guy to take turn. But the cub was finally full. He stood up and said “that was a big one”. It was time for him to go away. Same for me.

I will be visiting that park on my next trip to Barcelona for sure.