“Can we squeeze three people here?”

Picture this. You have to pee and you ran to the toilets of the bar. The cabin is occupied but thank god there are urinals. It was this kind of urinals that is one big long metallic thingie. It could fit either three twinks or two bears. There was already another beefy guy on the left corner so I took the right corner, leaving just a bit of space between us.

“Can we squeeze three people here?”

A deep voice sounded from behind. Both me and the other guy turned our heads and saw this big boy already unzipping his pants. He was in his mid 30s, very hairy, and his arm was twice the size of mine. We made as much space as we could and cleared the way for our new friend.

The big boy was not shy. While he was peeing, he was checking both of our dicks. Even though this is something very common for a gay bar, the way he was doing it felt calm and sexy at the same time. When he was done, he started stroking his dick till it got hard.

His dick was massive. Like massive. You couldn’t help but look at it. The guy on the other corner got hard as well. How could I not? So there we are, three guys with hard ons, stroking our dicks besides each other, risking to get caught and be thrown outside. It was exhilarating.

“Well boys, that’s exciting” the big boy said.

“That’s 👀 exciting” the guy on the other corner continued with his gaze locked on the big boy’s massive dick.

“Give it a go” the big boy said, inviting the other guy to grab it. And he did. He grabbed and stroked and stroked some more. I stood there silent, aroused to witness first hand an unexpected fluffer moment.

Big boy then very gently grabbed my butt. And I liked it. So I continued jerking off, really enjoying what was happening. But I wanted to grab that big dick too. So I did. I was stroking the dick while the other guy was intensely caressing the big balls. And vise versa. “They full, ain’t they?”, I was worried, we had to do something about that.

The guy on the other corner was the first to cum. I followed. And big boy was last. His load was as massive as one could imagine. He held a scream, and that was so sexy. I felt his whole body shiver. “Beers on me” he insisted.