Sitting on the couch in the bay window, she gazes the stars in the dark empyrean; the misty clouds playing with the moon and the balmy moonlight enhancing the divinity in the infinite plafond.

She closes her eyes and finds herself somewhere lost in that night of no limits but the extreme passion. Where no taboo could reach to stop her being… "the self." Where her every pore of skin was in love with her beloved and also was dying to be loved.

She could feel the touch, being seated alone in the window…touch of the night, whence he moved his hand over and plotted a beautiful kiss on her forehead while grabbing her waist; said “you are all mine… forever”. That moment, she felt so pure about herself. The way he looked into her eyes and touched her face and lips, she could see the emptiness in him, to be made up by her only; she could sense that he too finds himself complete around her. She saw the same desire for her in his eyes… as she has for him for years. 

She remembers, that touch on her face and those fingers moving from cheek to the back of ear was not just to correct that lock of smooth hair falling on her face, but to disturb her very breathe. When that tall man bent to kiss, where the lips touched and tongues met and played like some free birds in the breeze, making her throat dry and that thirst made her coveting for more all the time. That unsnarling of clothes was not to see the darks of the body only, but also to touch every dark of the core. Soft fingers moving on all the curves of her body were magical; that moment… touch of her own hair on her body was taking her to another sky.

His love for her soul, stirred up the passion to define the sacred lust, wandering from a long time between them; not just to fuck the naked bodies, also to celebrate the togetherness of bare identities with inflaming love.   

Kisses on the neck were moving to her shoulder, those slight bites… were causing her lips dry;  his stubble touching her neck was arousing her enough to made breasts’ papilla firmer and nipples stimulated.

Her nails digging his body slightly calmed and she moved her fingers to touch the firm muscles wrapped with the smooth touch of the skin; when he grazed her long wavy hair from the scalp and pulled to stretch her body bent backward lying on his strong arm and posed a kiss on her cleavage. Bites on the bulges were making her moan louder and his craving higher. He sensed her desire and took her other hand to move on buttocks.

Her touch to his crotch, appreciated the suction he made to rip off every inch, making the blood flow in her skin too to witness their passion. She collected all the strength to struggle her shame and inhaled a deep breath to push him hard, back in the bed, and took the seat on his groin feeling the protuberance’s warmth… even through the lingerie. Her desire to unravel his cutis… being seated on the throne was taking him towards the hell of pleasure. She bit his earlobe till he moaned in her ears; licked all his flesh and named herself on his skin with beautiful impressions of her love. She left all her shame behind on seeing her man in the pleasure and jumped into the giant of extreme lust to bag every vision of her love in the streets of the ardor. Her every word in his ear was responding with the crimson face. She loved his every skin and took his excitement to the plateau.

She took the charge to make her king roar to reward that dexterity she carried … and fellate. She made him direct her to reach the crest of submission; she followed the lead making every pore yearns for her.  

His wide, serene… doe eyes were never that much intense to drown in the depths like that moment when met with hers touching the bodies to dive in the deep trenches through her eyes. Smile on his face at her screams… when he touched her clitoris and poked a finger into the quim was a tease; like he was enjoying to have a fish out of water.

She moaned his name in the pain, for every bite on her body …as his tongue was making her each pore melt on him like nothing but a candle on warmth. He was driving her crazy.    

Her approach to riding him was not only to give the pleasure to their bodies but to ride off all their dark, to take both of them to the shore of giant sea tornado… towards fiery light of the hell. She remembers that they loved each other till their voices cracked, heat flowed on their bodies and eyes closed in each other's arms into a deep sleep of fidelity.

She could feel nothing but him, his deep inhales, his rhythmic heartbeats and his slights kiss on her head …like that all is happening to her now only. She keeps drowning into the thoughts deep enough to cause the spill of water from the jar of memories, through her eyes.

While sitting in the window she wipes her tears witnessing the completeness in herself from that night.

She then widens her legs, gazes the dark from the window and moves a hand to the depths... in her panty and touches her clit to moan his name softly digging herself into the surface of the couch, like she did when he moved her tongue to her clitoris to take her to a different world of the two… far away from every social norm. She recalled the penetration he made; making her every pore to crave for more. Those pushes he made looking into her eyes, kissing her lips and playing with her tongue is now …making her finger to reach down to feel the damp. She moves her finger to enjoy the wet and inserts a finger into the vagina to find herself in the pleasure.

She scrambles for the gratification for a long until the screen flashed "missing you. love you a lot."