“But I want it in my mouth.”

A dream came true this past week, as I attended the notorious bear week in Sitges. After countless times me and my bestie have talked about it, we finally found the guts to do it. I was always afraid that it would be too much. But to my surprise it was a blast!

I recently went through a weird break up with a boyfriend that was not a boyfriend, so I needed to relax and enjoy as many hairy gods as I could. I also needed a serious break from work that had driven me crazy. As a result I took the decision to not open instagram or any other social app while I would be there. As I did.

The plan was simple, spend the whole day at the beach, meet as many people as possible, flirt, make out, nsa. And repeat. No second meet ups, no phones and instagram handles exchanged, no demanding social activities.

The fun started from the Barcelona airport where many bears had landed heading to Sitges. “Hola guapo” is the local hello and you never get tired of hearing it. Everybody was already so horny that you could see bulges getting grabbed even inside the train.

My bulge was not an exception. A British hottie looking like a hairy angel that landed on earth was starring at me since the moment we stepped inside the train. Half way through, he “accidentally" slipped and bumped into me. It was obvious that he wanted to start a conversation and that made him even more cute. We started talking about all the bear things that would happen in Sitges and all of us became a funny group. As our friends where cackling, he moved closer to me and whispered, “sorry but I have to do this before they devour you down there”. I then felt his hand grabbing my bulge very pleasantly. We laughed and I slapped his cute bubbly butt in order to return the favour.

We arrived, rushed to the hotel, put our swimsuits on and ran to the infamous beach where the magic happens. After getting over the first shock from the amount of people that were there, it was as heavenly as we were expecting. So many familiar faces eager to say hi and hug. Half of them naked, the other half not naked but eager to show you their cock if you asked. Heaven.

I kissed around 5 guys within the first hour we were there. My cock was constantly semi hard and wet. I went on a walk in order to check the scenery and hunt. Close to the rocks in the corner I saw the British hottie that had grabbed my bulge some hours ago. We winked from afar and I continued my walk.

I finished my walk and then decided to jump into the sea. No more than a couple of minutes later, my British angel was swimming his way to me. He started the conversation with “how many times?”, wanting to know the amount of times I had come already. “None! Maybe you were bad luck.” I replied.

“We have to change that!”, he continued and jump to grab my bulge again. I didn’t stop him. “Go for it.”

At first I was shy, but then realised that we wouldn’t be the first people to make out in the beach. We were surrounded by numerous guys, doing exactly the same as us. Jerking off or even fucking inside the water. The scenery was very arousing. My British fluffer was jerking me off underwater, while smiling naughtily.

“But I want it in my mouth”, he added and without second thinking it I got up and presented my hard cock to the whole beach. He smiled lustfully and devoured it instantly.

His skills were exceptional and the show we were putting up in front of everybody was undoubtably inspiring, as all the surrounding bears were getting closer and closer to us in order to have a better view. When I was about to come, I grabbed his head and started fucking it roughly. “Do it!”, he asked excitedly. And I unloaded heavily while fucking his throat. He swallowed.

The surrounding bears started clapping and cheering for us. I felt like a porn star. The British hottie got up and kiss me with my cum on his mouth. “I was your first, I want to be the last one also”, and we made a deal. We met again on Sunday night at the same spot inside the sea and perform one last time before heading back to our normal lives.

I did break my rules and repeat the same guy and exchange contact information, but I got a new fluffer story to share so I guess it’s fine.