“I asked her if she would like to accompany us tonight at our house. She said yes with pleasure.”

We have been together with my boyfriend for 4 years now and our sex life has been a bit dull lately. We have been talking about having a threesome with another girl for quite long. He told me that he would like me to pick her so I would be more comfortable. I have to admit that the thought of me flirting with another girl in order to seduce her and please our master together makes me horny. Once while at work I was imagining that I was flirting with a hot colleague and I got so sexed up I went to the toilet to play with myself.

So one night we were having a drink at our favorite bar with some friends. There was a girl, so beautiful we couldn’t stop staring at her. Throughout the night we were poking each other with my boyfriend to check her because she was smiling or her underwear were more visible. After three drinks and a lot of fun, I saw her heading to the toilet alone. I knew it was the right time to approach her. I followed her, saw her getting inside the stall. I was putting some lipstick on when she got out. I smiled at her and she said hi. We had a couple of words concerning make up stuff before I told her that her smile is beautiful. She smiled and complimented me back. I was so nervous, I had never flirted with another girl before. I was not sure what to do or what to say. The words came out of my mouth without overthinking about it. I told her “My boyfriend and me, we have been watching you all night long. You are very attractive.” She stopped putting her make up for a second before smiling at me through the mirror. She then told me that she saw us watching her and she felt very complimented. I raised my hand and touched her shoulder. She turned her whole body towards me and kissed me. My body was shivering. I asked her if she would like to accompany us tonight at our house. She said yes with pleasure, but she would have to ditch her boring date first. We went outside and I let her go talk with her guy. I went to my bf and told him what happened. He got so hard he couldn’t hide his hard cock. Ten mins later the girl nodded that she would wait outside. In the car, we were having a very casual chat about our works etc, nothing hot or any sex talk. However, the moment we arrived at our building and got inside the elevator she kissed us both. First me and then him. For the whole night she has been trying her best to offer her whole self to both of us, making us feel special. She was blowing him and at the same time she was fingering me. In a moment, we put him in between. I was at the bottom with his hard hot cock inside me and she was pressing her sexy tits on his back while her hands were squeezing my boobs. We all came numerous times. The thing that I enjoyed the most of this was that I never felt more intimate with my boyfriend ever before. It was like our minds had the same food for thought, the same reason to get horny, and the same toy to play with. I cannot wait to experience this again. She has been the hottest fluffer I have ever had in my life.

Helen, 34, London