“I rang the bell. He opened completely naked.”

I chatted with a sexy muscle-bearish wealthy businessman at a gay hook-up app. It was around 3 am, he invited me to his house. I was really horny. I took a taxi and was there in 20 minutes. He has instructed me to unbutton my shirt and pants as soon as I walked from the elevator and I obliged.

I rang the bell. He opened completely naked. The room was smelling heavily of pot. On his big TV there was BDSM porn playing. Instead of saying “hi”, he licked my dick in front of the open door. We moved to the couch. He undressed me and started playing with my ass with a dildo. He looked me in the eyes and said “if you want to have your cock properly sucked, you are going to have your hole stretched.” Using lots of lube, he succeeded. Luckily, it wasn’t very big, but still uneasy because it been a while since I had been fucked. I sat straight on the couch and he continued to suck me. I was watching the porn movie, not really giving attention to him. A couple of times he stopped to snort cocaine. He offered me, but I refused, since I don’t to drugs. After snorting a couple of lines, he continued sucking me. When my cock was really hard and pumped by his blowing, I took his head in my hands and started throatfucking him. Actually more than that. I was jerking off using his throat, while watching porn. I didn’t even warn him of coming, I just unloaded in his throat, holding him down. He couldn’t do much anyway.

After swallowing everything, he violently pushed the dildo out of my ass, stood up in front of me and without a warning came on my mustache and goatee. He bowed down to clean the mess off my face with his tongue. It wasn’t much after he sat down on the couch with me for a whiskey that I told him I needed to pee. And he told me “in my mouth”.

We went to the shower together.

Aris, 24, Athens