“I will be waiting.”

I only participated in this story as a spectator. So i will just be the narrator of the story.

I had just arrived in London and I was at the airport train station waiting for the train. It was incredibly busy. Besides future passengers, the station was also full of staff trying to force some order. You know these guys yelling at you to stay behind the yellow line? That’s who I am talking about. Among them, there was a stocky ginger bear wearing the usual white shirt/grey pants uniform as his fellow colleagues. However, he looked more like a stripper rather than a casual train station guard. 

The top two buttons of the shirt were undone, the biceps were stretching the sleeves, and the bubble butt was so squeezed I was stressing out about it. But the most sexy thing about him was his face. His eyes were so green. And he always had a smile on him. He was beyond stunning. He had such a warm and inviting aura, especially compared to his colleagues. Many people were asking for directions, and he was always so polite, smiling, trying to help everybody. I was so mesmerised, I couldn’t but keep staring at him.

And then she appeared. A tall gazelle-like ginger princess, with long straight hair and a face full of freckles. She looked like a fairy that had just ran away from her pond. She needed directions too and she ran towards her fellow ginger to find the answers she was looking for. 

She may looked so pure, but her “hey” sounded so naughty. Her smile too. His “hey” hinted surprise and astonishment. Their eyes met and a dramatic pause took place before she proceeded with her question, talking slowly as if she was shy to ask how to get to Waterloo. He replied with hesitation, as if he wouldn’t like her to leave his side.

Her “thank you” was so heavy, as if they had just had sex. His speechless smile was incredibly romantic. “What’s your name”, she continued. “Dave” he replied, still smiling, looking her in the eyes. “And yours?” 


I wish I could describe their energy and how magical that moment was. For a couple of seconds the station felt so quiet. I could only hear them. I could only see them. Everything else was fading in the background. It felt like we were the extras in a romantic drama. And they were the protagonists. 

She walked back to her friends, without turning her back to him. He turned his whole body following her gaze. They were both smiling as if they were high. In my mind they were moving in slow motion. She waved goodbye and they both turned away. My eyes stayed at him. I was sure that this would not be his last action. 

His hands were covering his face. He was not sure that she was real. His breath was loud, like he had been running. “Wait!” He jumped back and ran towards her. “Do you wanna give me your number, maybe?”

Her smile was so radiant. She instantly grabbed his phone and typed her number. “I will be waiting” she whispered as she was jumping in the train. “Nice to meet you, Dave!”

He didn’t reply. He just stood there, smiling.