“One, two, three and then four. My God.”

It was my second time in Athens. I was 28 years old and I was there for sex vacations. I was alone and decided to go for the second time in my life to Flex sauna. I was going up and down between the 4 floors. I was totally naked. No towel on. I like walking completely naked in places like this. i was walking around inside the steam room while I just saw him alone. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was him. That fucking handsome bearded guy I saw the other night at this bar next to my hostel. I just sat right next to him and started staring at his cock beneath his towel. He was grabbing his package and it was like he was telling me “come and suck it fucker”. I was looking at him and was playing with my nipples real hard. That was the sign. You know. Come and fuck me right here, right now.

A minute later, he got up and went to the next room. I followed him right away. We closed the door behind us. He let his towel fell off and deeply kissed my lips. I couldn’t take my tongue off his mouth. While he was kissing me I grabbed his balls and squeezed them intensely. I went down on my knees and put his juicy cock into my mouth. He went hard instantly. I was sucking him and I didn’t want to let anything outside my mouth. I spit on his cock and then I swallow everything back into my mouth.

He couldn’t take it anymore. He lift me up and he started sucking my nipples. Not just sucking but biting. I was ready to cum at anytime but I didn’t want that feeling to end so fast. Then he got both my cock and balls in his mouth at the same time. I did the same to him. We were lying on the bed and just having the 69 position. That was awesome. I couldn’t stop sucking him. Then he started eating my ass. I wanted him so badly. I wanted to feel  his raw meat inside me. He started playing with his fingers. One, two, three and then four. My God, four fingers inside me and I wanted more. I was like riding his hand. And then that huge dick inside me. We did many different positions and every time it was the same. First mouth and then ass. And again. Mouth and ass. I was sucking him and he was fucking me back in return.

We didn’t stop kissing each other the whole time. He was giving me all of his juices inside my hole. Suddenly he stopped doing anything. He looked me right into my eyes and told me “You have to come to my place. You will blow me all the time and I will fuck you again and again”. I put his dick back into my ass. That hard cum-dripping cock was going back and forth inside me.

We were in that dark room for about an hour and then I heard him. “I’m going to cum baby”. I just put him in my mouth. I was absolutely ready to feel his cum burning my mouth and throat. He was like screaming and holding my head so he was sure that everything would go inside my mouth. He finished and I didn’t want to stop sucking him. Then he kissed me with his tongue and he put his hard cock back into my ass. He was masturbating me and fucking me at the same time. It was like hell. We’re still together and never stop fucking like that.

Dimitris, 30, Thessaloniki