“His ass was magnificent.”

Traveling cross country with friends. Our last evening in NYC, we go out and get drunk. Didn’t get back to where we staying till about 6am. I go on Grindr and see a guy online whom I had been chatting with while I was visiting. His age said “99” which led me to think maybe his photos were taken a few years ago. Looked about 40 at most with a bangin body.

My friends were passed out and this “mature” man was conveniently a couple blocks away. Sun is coming up and I’m skating down the road half-drunk for a hookup. Meet up with him, photos were accurate. We actually chatted for about 20 mins or so and then took things into his room. The foreplay and intercourse were amazing. His ass was magnificent. Toned and beautiful with a thick cut black cock. One of my favorite acts of foreplay is definitely teasing the hole with the tip. I fucked him raw for almost an hour before tapping out. Fortunately he came right after.

We layed in bed and chatted some more. Found out he was 52. Honestly looked between 36-40. Almost 30 year difference, but it was one of my hotter hookups. He was massaging my knee and told me I could stay at his place to which I replied “Nah I should get back..” before immediately KOing.

Woke up at noon to him asking what I wanted from the Bodega for breakfast. He brought me an egg sandwich and some french fries. It was cute. Very educated man and I will be paying him a visit anytime I’m in New York.

By lateeno