“Show me your head, slowly.”

Every gay man in Montréal knew of Ted; he was not only a distinguished teacher at a respected university, but he was also the most sought-after expert when it came to LGBTQ film history. During my bachelor’s degree, I’d heard of him several times by colleagues, school friends and other teachers, but I’d never met him. Although I was studying at the same university where he taught, we were in different faculties, which were in two different buildings, so the chance of running into him were slim. And even if I’d seen him in the hallways, what would I have said? “Hi Mr. Ted, I know of your strong reputation. Nice to meet you?” Never in a million years; I’m too shy to do that. Oh, and I had no idea what he looked like. I’m telling you: I knew the legend but not the man behind it.

A few years after I got my degree, I was invited by a local LGBTQ film festival to present my latest short film about my father. Yes, daddy issues have always been part of my video work, as well as most of my installations and writing. My friend Aaron was present at the screening—not only is he a regular at that festival but I’d also invited him to see my latest work of art—and to my great surprise, he’d brought Ted with him. Well, I’m not sure if he’d “brought” Ted, or if Ted had already planned to go, and they just decided to go together. Needless to say, after the screening and Q&A, Aaron introduced me to the infamous Ted. I was so intimidated: everyone had told me so many storied about him and his writings that I had built him up in my head as a monument of knowledge regarding LGBTQ issues, history and media representation. Ted made me feel right at ease, telling me how he loved my film and wanted to see more of my work. He was a true sweetheart, which is basically what everyone had been telling me to calm my nerves prior to meeting him.

After that first evening, we stayed in touch, mostly through emails; I started writing to him almost monthly, to get his opinion on my work, ask him to send me his iconic papers but also simply to chat about LGBTQ issues and movies. One Monday, he invited me to his weekly sauna event held at a local Jewish public bath turned into a men-only sauna—it wasn’t a gay bathhouse, even if on Sundays, a lot of gay guys would go there to get a blowjob or get fucked. Ted’s “Tuesday Sauna Nights” were infamous amongst the Montréal gay community—even if I had no idea they existed before meeting him—because they attracted up-and-coming artists and intellectuals. Ted had imagined a space where he’d be like Plato with his students, but where everyone would be naked and free of clothes and judgments. It was also a cool place to hang out in the nude and see what everyone was packing. Seeing how I loved to discuss with Ted and was curious to see his daddy cock—and everyone else’s cock as well—I accepted his invitation. It was a beautiful night where we talked about the recent Montréal riots, the representation of homosexuality in Québec cinema and the latest political gossip. Oh, and I was able to gawk at some pretty beautiful penises.

Weeks passed and I couldn’t get Ted’s superb cut cock out of my mind; so much so that I even joked to Ted about having to see it again. That remark didn’t fall on deaf ears; my new favorite teacher responded to my email by inviting me for a naked tea drinking on his rooftop, to which I immediately accepted.

A few days later, I got to Ted’s house with some cookies and a bit of nervousness in the pit of my stomach. Why was I so nervous? We’d been naked together before. Plus, Ted was the sweetest person ever. Nothing bad could’ve happened, but for some reason, I was nervous. As soon as I got there, we took the metal stairs and got on the top of his building, where he’d set up a table and some chairs, surrounded by a wooden fence (so that the neighbors couldn’t see us). Ted served us some delicious tea and we talked about our day. Then, he proposed that we get naked; he said it in the utmost natural way that it was impossible for me to say no. Curiously, I wasn’t nervous anymore. On the contrary, I was now aroused more than ever. Having a beautiful daddy with a big white Santa beard, piercing blue eyes and a craving for uncut boy cock— like mine—was turning me on even more than I’d predicted.

Once our clothes were on the floor, it was impossible for me to hide my boner. And once said boner was pointing directly at Ted, there was a domino effect, and he too got insanely hard. We hadn’t planned for this to happen—although both of us had secretly hoped for it—but seeing as we were excited by one another, we decided to play it by ear. Well, I decided to play it by ear, in the sense that I was waiting for my older friend to tell me what to do next. True to his character, he suggested we’d masturbate together, to which I agreed wholeheartedly. We sat down on the floor—we really wanted to make sure the neighbors didn’t see us beat off—and started to slowly stroke our penises while looking deep into each other’s eyes. Not only was I turned on by Ted, but I was also excited about wanking with this teacher, my newly found mentor. Roleplay had always turned me on a lot, and the teacher-student scenario was at the top of my list with police-thief and delivery man-customer. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be massaging my cock next to this truly gorgeous seventy-year-old professor, and yet there I was. “Show me your cockhead, slowly,” he whispered, to which I obeyed. Having a cut cock, Ted was particularly turned on by uncut cocks and loved seeing the movement of the foreskin covering and uncovering a penis.

After a few long strokes—during which I made a point to look him directly in his eyes—Ted came on his chest, moaning like crazy. He then immediately asked me if he could lick my balls—he didn’t know yet that it was something I adored—to which I answered by nodding enthusiastically. Drenched in his cum, Ted started to lick and suck my hairy boy balls, still looking at me; our connection was getting deeper with every second passing and it was making me so horny. “Do you like me licking your balls, boy?” Ted asked, which was enough for me to ejaculate all over my furry belly abundantly.

Ted and I lay there for a while, basking in the late afternoon sun, covered in our thick and creamy semen. It was so poetic; there was something so beautiful about a mentor daddy and his boy student relaxing after tea and a good wank. We told each other how much we’d enjoyed that moment together and vowed to repeat the experience in the near future.

And we did; each time I go visit Ted, we go up on his roof and have tea and cookies, just before taking our cocks out. I’m extremely happy and lucky to have such a privileged relationship with this fantastic and brilliant—and sweet and gorgeous—man.

 Jonathan Lemieux @johnnimagni