“Tongues out, both of you.”

It was a Thursday night and we decided to have a drink after the office. It was the whole team, something that doesn’t happen very often, so that was nice. There is this cute pub across the offices and it’s perfect for some beers before going home. We had just started a new project and everyone was kind of excited but also very stressed.

The new guy was shy. He did try to communicate and interact with everybody but he spent most of the time on his phone. Early thirties, not from the city, thick accent, thick thighs, thick arms, gentle face. He looked so innocent yet so ready for everything. You could feel that he had such a lust for life.

He grew up in a farm in the suburbs, and he had been helping his father with the corps since he was a kid. This was the first time that he was staying by himself, in a big city. His university years were not as stress free as he had hoped for, as he was still staying with the family and had to commute to the city everyday. He has two siblings and he is the middle child. All it took was one beer and a simple question - “what’s up with you?” And he told me everything.

I was not sure about his sexual preferences though. During our little chat I did everything that I could to figure it out but I just couldn’t read him. I touched his arms a couple of times, I checked out some guys, I used some casual drag race slang - no reaction. I had to be more direct. “Are you in a relationship?”

It seems he had just broken up with his girlfriend, his high school sweetheart. And “it’s finally time to fool around”. I was happy for him. And also a bit jealous, as he was about to experience so many things for the first time. But I was up for a surprise.

I took a quick trip to the toilets as the beers had done their magic and as I was coming back, I saw him being on his phone once again. But this time he seemed more focused on it, and more secretive. I arrived at our spot and he changed positions, getting his back against the wooden wall. It was obvious that he didn’t want to risk having his screen seen by anyone, and especially me. 

But as we all know, the goddess of sex and love and rock n roll works in mysterious ways. Unfortunately for him, right behind him there was a mirror reflecting everything that was happening on that screen. The brown branding of Growlr (a dating app for bears and their admirers) was very visible. I giggled but didn’t say a word. I was happy for him , he was trying to enjoy his life. It was about time!

Seconds later, a massive dick was reflected on that mirror. I literally spitted my beer, trying not to laugh. 

“I think it’s time I tell you that there is a mirror behind you.”

He paused, and slowly turned his head to see the all showing mirror. He blushed and got speechless. I felt so bad for him. I ensured him that he has nothing to worry about, since not only I am gay, I am also very discreet and I wouldn’t share such a personal piece of information with anyone. I then proceeded with ordering the next round of beers, he needed that.

Most of our colleagues were gone by that point. It was just us two sitting in the bar, and a couple of straight boys sitting far away talking about football. 

“You know, I admire you a lot.” He said sipping his beer. “Not only you are openly gay in the workplace, you are also extremely cool about it.”

He took a big sip, swallowed, and after a very dramatic pause proceeded with the following.

“I just want to fuck everything and everyone. I am so fucking horny.”

The truth was spilled and I couldn’t be more proud of him. He had had a couple of gay experiences in the past, but just now he finally felt ready to fully go after his fantasies. He shared that he feels he is pansexual, as he could be attracted by anyone, regardless of gender expression. Words that I wouldn’t believe could come from a farm boy. I was pleasantly surprised.

I asked him about the dating apps and his experiences. He was new to this as well. An old friend had told him about them and he was eager to try them out. Up to that point, all the gay stuff he had done were while cruising. Being on that grid and receiving affirmation and compliments felt very good. Since people could actually see him , his body, his face, part of his personality, it felt more personal than sex provided by a shadowed silhouette in an alley. But a new fear had come up. He was afraid that he couldn’t hide in the shadows anymore. He was stressed that he would disappoint, he wouldn’t deliver. At the same time, that also excited him and he was ready to explore pleasure like never before. He wanted to learn. How to kiss sensually, how to caress a male body romantically, how to suck a dick and how to ride a fat cock.

“It’s pretty easy” I assured him. “Just go with the flow and make sure you have fun. If you enjoy what you are doing, they will as well.”

“But it’s so big!”

He grabbed his phone and showed me the recently received dick pic. It was indeed massive. It was the kind of dick that you stare at before you put in your mouth. 

“Can you teach me?” 

I giggled. But his eyes were dead serious. That was not flirting, it was a mind fuck. I then realized everything. And I got hard. I asked for his phone “May I?”

I checked the profile of the guy that the pic came from. A hot daddy that loves to get his dick sucked by cute boys eager to please him.

The last message he sent was an invitation to his house. 

“Can I bring my fluffer?” I was sure my plan would work. Daddy’s reply came fast. “Absolutely.”

We paid and left. During the whole ride to Daddy’s place we were both hard. Not sharing a word, only naughty giggles. He was enjoying this so much. As was I.

Daddy opened the door naked with his massive dick dangling around. He smiled pleased. “Excellent.” He invited us in, and went on to sat on his leather arm chair. A glass of whiskey was on the small table by his side. Alongside his drink, there was a big bottle of poppers. He took a sip of his drink and nodded. He was ready to be pleased.

We took our clothes off and got on the floor. As the teacher, I had to go first. Took the poppers, took a big hit and looked my friend in the eyes. “This is how you do it.”

It was so exciting, my heart was racing. Not only the dick was juicy and pleasantly tasty, the idea of me teaching the gay ways to a pupil was more stimulating that I had imagined. 

And then it was John’s turn. I moved to the side freeing the way. I gave him poppers and then grabbed his head. “You can do this.” I pushed his head slowly so he could take it in his mouth. He gagged. Daddy was laughing. I was behind him, my hard dick was squeezed between his back and my belly. My hands were caressing Daddy’s thighs. 

John loved it. He wouldn’t let go. He was doing poppers again and again, trying to put it all in his mouth. He was moaning like a piggy slut asking for cum. I was proud of him.

Daddy was enjoying it so much. “You were born for this.” John was so happy. Daddy got up and gave his order. “Tongues out, both of you.”

We obeyed. Daddy exploded all over our faces. John was in ecstasy. He came instantly on Daddy’s feet. I couldn’t but follow his lead. 

“Good boys.”

I promised I will teach him everything I can. He needed me. And, as it seems, I needed him. We were meant to be each other’s fluffer. And Daddy offered his cum anytime we asked for it. Next class will be about breeding.