“The girl next door that could win any beauty contest.”

I see her everyday at the gym. She is so hot. The girl next door that could win any beauty contest. She has a phenomenal body with sexy curves and golden hair. She smiles a lot and has a lovely voice. She even smells great, despite all the working out. I do not know her name yet. I guess I didn’t have the chance to start a conversation. Once I attended the yoga class in order to see her do this magical poses. I was so hard that I had to stop and get out of the class before I made myself look like a pervert fool. I guess she is not into me though because our eyes have never crossed. But I have to try. You never know! I have thought about it many times, I will do my move in the elevator. “Too hot for gym, right?” or something silly like that. Then I will wink at her at the spinning class. And then maybe share a table at the cafeteria while proposing healthy but tasty salads. And then “my name is Nikolas by the way” and then she will say hers. I bet it is as lovely as her.

Nikolas, Athens Greece