“He fucked me and I fucked him. Over and over again.”

It was a casual Wednesday night. Finished work, went to the gym and then straight home. I was scrolling down on scruff while chilling on the sofa. Something that happens every night. At some point a “torso” messaged me. Nothing special, another basic torso among so many. I never like talking to faceless profiles but you never know, sometimes these torsos belong to hot guys. I guess depends on the mood you are. If you are just horny and want to let off some steam, a good torso is just enough.

Anyway, back to the story, we were chatting vaguely and talking about ourselves. Without noticing it, it’s been more than one hour and a half talking. Then out of the blue, he proposed to buy me ice cream. There is a shop in the middle between our houses that is really amazing, I have to confess that I didn’t think it twice. I said what the heck, I will get a free ice cream on a boring Wednesday night. I put on some clothes and off to meet him.

I arrived at the place. It was really crowded - really good ice cream. I took a look around but I didn’t see anyone that would seem like him. After all I didn't actually know who to look for, as he was shy to send me a face pic. So I started playing with my phone, waiting for the mysterious torso to poke me.

After a couple of minutes I hear a voice approaching me. “It seems many people crave ice cream on Wednesdays.” I look up and oh my god I got speechless. It was one of those really rare times that a boring torso belonged to someone that could be the father of my babes. We spent two hours walking around our neighborhoods, talking about so many things. Food, art, music, pets, politics, favorite sneakers, life in general. And out of the blue, I had the most amazing night in a boring and miserable summer. No alcohol, no drugs, no music, no lights, no party. Just some pistachio ice cream and the most amazing man. The way he was speaking about life made me jealous of his state of mind, his experiences, and his “simple” life. I wanted to kiss him but I was afraid I would stop our lovely conversation. It was late enough when we realized that we should head home. He walked me home as a proper gentleman. As we were approaching my building my thoughts were going crazy inside my head. Should I invite him upstairs? Should I kiss him goodnight? Of course I should kiss him goodnight! Should we meet tomorrow? Or is it too soon? Is he boyfriend material or my new Wednesday guy? Some many questions that I couldn’t answer.

We arrived at the door of my building and silence took over. His smile made me smile and forget all these stupid questions. “I think this is the best moment to kiss.” he said, and lined towards me. His lips touched my lips and my heart started beating hard. I didn’t care about anything else, his lips were all that mattered at the moment. No words came after from both of us. I opened the door and he followed me inside. We got to my flat and the rest feels like a dream. We made out in every corner of the house, in every possible position. He fucked me and I fucked him. Over and over again. I guess at some point we must have fainted because I just remember waking up to my alarm. He was by my side, hugging me, his face on my chest. The moment I saw him my cock got hard. It was painful because everything was swollen. I texted my colleague to come up with a story about me being sick. I couldn’t ruin this feeling.

Six months later and this feeling is still here. Every kiss feels like the first kiss. And I couldn’t be more happy.

A, Athens