“They wanted to fuck with someone watching”

What I love is watching other people having sex. It fascinates me more than actually doing it. I loved peeking at others fucking since as early as I can remember. The first time was when I was around 12. We were on summer vacations with the whole family, uncles grand parents and all. At some point during the night I woke up because I wanted to pee and heard my uncle and aunt fucking! I didn't see anything at first, only the sound. I remember it felt super weird and hot at the same time, feelings that I never felt before. I watched them fucking through the key hole. I couldn't see anything more than their feet moving in mysterious ways. But that was hot enough for a teenager I guess. Around that time I started jerking. I would always imagine couples I knew having sex. Later I discovered porn and my life got into the next level. Throughout my late teenage years and while I was becoming more sexually active, I would always try to discover people having sex and peek on them.

Even during threesomes, I prefer to give space to the couple so they can take care of each other. Some times maybe under my orders. I always talk about this with people, I am not shy. Because this could trigger them and ask me to participate in something special with them. That was the case with a friends couple. I have been working together with the guy for many years in the same company. His girlfriend is gorgeous. I knew that he was interested in this kink of mine as he was always very focused on my stories. One day he told me that he had talked about this with his girlfriend and they would like to try to have sex in front of me, if of course I would be interested. They weren’t sure if they would like me to participate, but they wanted to fuck with someone watching. I said yes without giving it a second thought.

Some days later they invited me to their flat in order to experience their fantasy. They were both very nervous at first, not sure what to do or what to say. I was like their mentor, telling them what to do in order to experience this the best way possible. I told them I should take my clothes off so they would feel more comfortable. They both were so horny since the beginning. Especially the guy, his cock was so hard! I was moving around them, telling them what they should do. I was not giving orders, I was proposing. I noticed that the girl wanted to be submissive and listen to what I was saying. I was jerking off all the time, the whole scenery was overwhelming. I edged so many times that I lost count. They were fucking so hard it was really amazing. The girl had come many times, the whole bed was wet. When I noticed that the guy was about to deliver as well, I ordered him to get up and come on her chest. He did it perfectly.

This has been a real pleasure for all of us. We have done it 3 more times after that and I am sure we will do it more. I still haven't touched anyone and I am not planning to. Being on the background suits me better. In my mind I am directing some very interesting porn.

Ferran, Madrid