“Come on, touch it.”

I have a thing for gingers. They get my attention. Almost all my bfs have been gingers. This color drives me crazy. And the more freckles they have the better! To me it seems like they are a superior species. Like they are more royal than the rest. And if I come across one of them, I cannot hide my excitement. Most of the times I get hard the moment I see one!

The other day I was at the gym and boom I see someone that I have never seen before. A tall muscly guy, 35yo, with a very sexy red beard. I got crazy! He was perfect! His huge arms, his beautiful face, his sweaty body! Everything was perfect! He seemed straight so I tried to hide my excitement and let it go. I thought I had no chance. However, he noticed that I was stalking him. He didn’t react. The time passed and I was done with my work out so it was time for some steam room relaxation. I got undressed and entered the steam room. There were 3 more people inside. No more than 5 mins later, the hot ginger guy enters the steam room and comes and sits right besides me! He was completely naked, not even towel. His whole body was covered in freckles and ginger hair. He was so perfect. I started getting hard and I tried to hide my cock with my towel. A bit later, the 3 guys that were inside the room before us left and it was just the 2 of us now. He didn’t move any further, he stayed right besides me even though now there was a lot of space around us. And then he started talking to me. “you like gingers, don’t you?” he said smiling while looking at my hard cock that I was trying to hide. “You can relax, I like you too”. His cock has started getting hard so I couldn’t take my eyes away from it. “Come on, touch it.” he said and grabbed my hand and put it on his hard cock. It was so hard and hot. He then pushed away my towel and started wanking me. We noticed that some people where about to get inside the room so we stopped and tried to hide ourselves. He nodded to follow him outside. We got in the last shower cabin of the corridor and he covered the small window of the door with my towel. He opened the shower and then started kissing me. He made me kneel and suck his amazing cock. Thank god the sound of the water dropping was covering me gagging. He then raised me up and pushed my head against the wall, with my back and ass close to him. He pushed his hard cock inside my hungry ass and started fucking me intensely. It was surreally hot. Then he whispered in my ear “I am gonna breed you handsome” and I felt his burning hot cum running inside me. When we left I told him that I would like to meet again and if he would like to give me his number. His reply mabe me even more hungry for him. “Sorry handsome, I have a girlfriend. Let’s hope we spot each other here again.”

V. Belgium.