“When I want to play with myself I always remember this feeling!”

My name is Maria and I am 32 years old. I am from Athens Greece. My fluffer is my neighbor. I know, so predictable. But if you would see him you would understand. He is tall, muscly, with a very greek face and grey hair. I guess he must be around 40 and he is a doctor. He lives on the other flat on the same floor as me. We met the very first day I moved to this building. He was polite enough to come and help me and my girlfriends with the huge boxes we were carrying. His smile left all of us speechless. I will never forget how amazed I was by his gentle face. Later the girls would make fun of me for having prince charming living next door and how my life would change. We have never had any kind of social interaction besides some shared moments on the elevator and at the building meeting. Our flats have a shared balcony. Not exactly shared, but with a fence in between. You cannot actually communicate with the other flat, but you can listen to almost everything. And so one day this happened. I was in my sofa, fooling around on the computer with my window open when suddenly I started listening to a very weird sound I couldn’t explain. Seconds later I realized that this sound was a woman moaning. He was fucking someone and I could listen to it! I stopped whatever I was doing and I focused on spying on them. I went to the balcony to see if I could see anything. I was able to see their legs by the corner of the window door. I got so horny I almost felt paralyzed. When I want to play with myself I always remember this feeling! What I have been thinking is that I would like to find the power to do the same to him the next time I will have sex. I mean moan loud enough so he can listen to me. So one day we will both get on the elevator and make each other horny so he finally tries to fuck me.