“Thanks babe, I was hungry.”

I have many fluffers in my life. Many. My sexual interests are very wide and as a result a lot of things turn me on. I wanted to contribute a story so I tried to pick my favorite fluffer in my everyday life. So that must be E, a fuck buddy I have many years now. She is a regular. Whenever I feel the need to, I just text her and we arrange to meet instantly. Even if I am in a relationship, or she is in one, we meet. Our connection in bed is amazing. She was working in the cafe by my house. Every morning I would go there to grab a coffee before going to work and she would serve me. The first time I saw her she was wearing a very tight black denim and a loose black top - I remember looking at her body so much that at some point she realized and coughed a bit so I would put myself together. I was feeling so embarrassed! But her reaction was beyond cool. She said “Its called ‘smart dressing up’ - you wear them tight so you get more tips”. I laughed! She got me with that line. “I am kiddin of course, actually its killing me. But tips are always welcome”. I couldn’t reply, I was just laughing. She gave me the coffee and said “Have a good day stranger” and winked. I left the place and as I was walking away I noticed that she had written her phone number on the cup! The whole day I was thinking about her so when I finished work I texted her. She invited me in her place. I never had a girl so open before. We never said anything more than the basics. And of course never thought of getting in a relationship together. It has always been raw, hard sex. We both find each other very attractive externally but dont bother to deal with the rest, so we just “use” each other to fulfill our needs. She is riding me like she is riding her dildo. One time she even told me to be quiet and not to do any noises. That was such an amazing mind fuck. She is totally using my dick and I love it. The other day I was at my flat while she texted me right after leaving work and told me to get hard and wait for her behind the door. She rang the bell, I opened the door, she got on her knees and started blowing me right there. When I came, she swallowed everything, got up on her feet again and told me “thanks babe, I was hungry” and just left.

Andreas, 37 Athens