“With both hands.”

Zoom. The new msn. The new Skype. The new chatroulette.

I am having around 15 zooms calls per day. I work as a marketing executive for a big international company and we are very proud to be able to do everything online. We were using Zoom before it was cool. I remember telling my friends about it and they had zero idea what I was talking about. Now, even my aunt Mary wants to zoom. Anyways. I am pretty sure I am not the only one that has been humiliated in a zoom call. Funny attires, just-got-outta-bed faces, spilling coffee, some of the very common unfortunate situations you can find yourself in during a video call.

So the other day we had a massive call with 20+ attendants. It was about the presentation of a new project and the last steps before releasing it. A collaboration with an alcohol brand. Big thing. I was part of the presentation. I would follow the lead of the main presenter and pitch in.

Everything went smoothly and according to plan. My time came and I started elaborating on the fantastic marketing ideas we had come up with. One of the client representatives had some questions and I needed to check my notebook in order to reply. And then the misfortune happened.

As I got up from my chair to go pick up my notebook from the bed side table, my foot got messed up with the charger of the laptop, leading to a very dramatic fall that ended up with me hitting my head at the said bed side table. But the drama was not over. The table flipped and the drawer opened, and my dildo jumped out of it landing on the floor, on the side of my face. I was on full screen. Everybody saw me in HD. The fact that my fall was harsh helped everyone from laughing as they were asking if I was alright. I put everything in place as fast as I could and continued with the presentation.

After the incident, everybody's mood changed. We left our corporate profile back and became more friendly. The presentation was a success and the client was very pleased. After that call, we had another call with just the company team. Everybody started screaming at me, laughing, telling me that what happened was so Hollywood that it helped please the client.

I got my dildo out of the drawer and hold it up in the air as a trophy. I got to be a funny fluffer for once. And that ended up in a very successful work project. But not only.

Later the same day, a colleague that we had a thing last year texted me. “I didn’t know you had a dildo. Hot.” It didn’t take more than 2 messages for him to reveal his true intentions. He wanted to see my new dildo penetrating my tight pussy after I used my saliva to lubricate it. “Only if I see you fuck your flashlight” I demanded. Some mere seconds later I received a video documenting how obediently he did what I asked for. So then it was my time to shine.

I dimmed the lights and positioned the phone in a very sexy angle. I grabbed the treasured dildo with both hands and started sucking sensually, throwing lustful glances at the camera. When the dildo was efficiently lubricated it was time to play with my pussy. I spitted on my hand and started playing with my horny lips. I took a deep breath and started inserting the wet dildo inside of me. I was very horny. I fucked myself very pleasurably for a minute and then stopped recording. I sent the video over and continued pleasuring myself as I was waiting for his response. I received a photo with his flashlight full of his cum. He enjoyed the show and he wanted more.

“If you want more, you have to buy me a new dildo.”

“Pick one”, he replied.

“Surprise me”, I requested.

Still waiting, still horny. But when it arrives I will go full Hollywood.

I will let you know.