"Hard, dripping."

Walking the dog is a very sacred ritual. That’s what I came to realise during this hell of a year. Ben, my dog, a 4 year old Boston Terrier, is a great part of my life. Happy, friendly, obedient, what we call “a good dog”.He follows me wherever I go, despite my busy everyday life. Pee walks were not a thing for us before covid, as we usually managed to satisfy our pee needs while commuting to work. But now that I am working from home, we had to change our routine and come up with a new schedule.

One walk in the morning before I open the laptop is a must. I make some coffee and head down the street, cup in hand. Usually in my pyjamas. It seems that my neighbourhood is very pet friendly, something I hadn’t realise before. Everybody is chatty, even in the morning. Bogs (and babies) are the best conversation starters as we all know. The second walk comes a bit after lunch. Now dressed a bit better. This one is more relaxed as basically both Ben and me are digesting the food we just had. The third walk comes at night, after I am officially done with work and chores. Fully dressed and very athletic, this walk is to explore and exercise. Every day I try to go through a different route in order to change sceneries, see new people etc.

It’s very easy to make new friends while walking with Ben. He is always friendly with the other dogs so their owners are friendly with me too. One of the friends I made because of Ben is George, a guy that lives one building away from me. We met at the beginning of the quarantine and we hit it off instantly. It was very clear that he was also gay because of his Trixie t-shirt and the neon pink dog leash. Bearish with a cute face, thiccccc thighs and very sexy yummy butt. That’s George, a 37yo IT nerd that loves drag race and everything gay. I was so happy to make a gay neighbour-friend, finally!

Our friendship gradually evolved from walking the dogs to occasionally going grocery shopping together, to weekly watching drag race together, to having dinner together every second night. Even though I find him very sexy, I never made a move because I was enjoying him as a friend, and neighbour, a lot. Having a neighbour to rely on is very important. We always made favours to each other, like keeping each others dog when needed etc. We even exchanged keys, that’s how close we got.

During the past month he has been asking me to keep his dog very often. Like twice per week often. It’s always on Tuesdays and Thursdays afternoons for around 2 hours. His excuse is that he has to go to the office to work on a very important project and he needs to be focused. I never asked for more info. He gets the dog to my place, then I have a big walk with them and return back home. That was the plan for last Thursday too. He came to give me the dog and half an hour later I got up for our big walk. As I was getting ready to leave the house I realised that I have ran out of plastic bags so I thought of passing by his house to pick up some. And so I did. But the house was not empty.

I opened the door of the flat and I saw George on his knees getting fucked by a huge muscly bear. It was a surprise for all of us! They jumped up with all kinds of liquids running down on them, the dogs started barking like crazy, and I was there in the middle of all of them shocked. I explained why I was there, I picked up the plastic bags and left running.

But it was not over yet. No more than 5 minutes later, while I was still shocked and kind of aroused by what I saw, I received a text from George.

“Would you like to come back?”

“Without the dogs.”

Trembling from the excitement, I said yes. I got the dogs back to my house and ran to George’s.

He opened the door wearing only his jockstrap while the sexy daddy bear was sitting on the sofa, slowly stroking his massive cock. George was blushed, very shy but had this sexy smile that was very intriguing. He welcomed me in and introduced me to Nick.

“Hi sexy” was Nick’s salut accompanied by a smile, while still stroking his impressive cock.

George explained to me that he had met Nick at the park while walking the dogs. He is a married man with 2 kids and a wonderful wife. However, sometimes he enjoys fucking cute bearish boys. They matched really well with George so they started meeting regularly. Nick is supposedly walking the dog during their meetings. He brings the dog and make him stay in George’s balcony while they fuck. Unfortunately George’s and Nick’s dogs are not very friendly with each other so that’s why I am keeping him.

While George was explaining all this to me, he was sitting on Nick’s side, sensually caressing his hairy belly.

“I have seen you at the park too. You are gorgeous. So I would like to play with two gorgeous boys at the same time” said Nick, while his hand was inviting me to sit on his other side. I followed his lead and sat there. He helped me take my clothes off and gave me a slow kiss. My trembling hand was on his cock, grasping it. George’s hand was playing with Nick’s balls while his eyes were locked on my hand stroking daddy’s dick. Nick was enjoying the show. Then, he grabbed both of us by the neck and forced us to kiss. Our kiss was slow, wet, deep. My cock was hard, dripping. Daddy Nick then pushed our heads closer to his cock, making us suck him. We were still kissing, but now we had a massive cock between our lips. We were sucking it at the same time. Daddy was overwhelmed. He was making all these sexy moaning sounds while his hands were caressing our backs.

“On your knees now, both of you.”

We got up, not sure how to follow. Daddy got up and made it clear that he wanted both of us on the sofa, on our knees. He wanted to fuck both of us at the same time. And he did. I was the one to receive Daddy’s massive cock first. It was hard, this beer can was too big for me. But George helped me through it. He was kissing me while his ass was wide open, waiting for his turn. Right when I was getting used to daddy’s big dick, he left my hole and pushed himself into my neighbour’s hole. He was enjoying us so much. It didn’t take more than 15 minutes for him to reach climax.

“Come here, boys.”

We got on the floor and opened our mouths wide open. Daddy exploded and his hot cum splashed all over our faces. And then we gave a juicy kiss to celebrate our special experience.

Daddy Nick was happy and demanded that we all three of us gather every Thursday afternoon.

During this past week I have been sleeping with George every night. Well, not exactly sleeping. We spend the whole night fucking endlessly till we pass out. It feels like Nick, a “straight” married neighbour, is our fluffer. He helped us open up and express ourselves. Cheers to all the fluffers out there!

P, Athens.