“Would you like to try?”

Enjoying your work is a true blessing in this life. Not all of us are lucky enough to end up in a position where you can both contribute to society and enjoy your time while doing so. I am a pharmacist and I enjoy my job greatly. It was my dream since I was a kid and thankfully I landed exactly where I wanted to. I live and work in a small picturesque village close to Montpellier, France. This is were I grew up and I returned after my university studies.

It’s one of those places that everyone knows everyone. I love and hate that at the same time. I work in the oldest local pharmacy at the central square of the village so as you can understand I know everything that’s going on in the village. My background as the cutest girl in school and one of the best students of my class makes it easier for the people to open up and shamelessly ask me anything they want. You see, there is a lot of shame when you are dealing with issues that are not that socially acceptable or common. And most of it is for sexual issues.

Buying condoms for example. Even though sex is a big part of our lives, it’s still a taboo about many of us. Even though you are doing the right thing and protect yourself, buying condoms means that you are sexually active. Openly presenting that you are sexually active -in a small village like mine- is very bold. Even among my colleagues, it's a very common topic to gossip on. But I wanted to change that. I wanted to create a safe space where anyone could feel comfortable to ask about sex stuff and check the great variety of products that could help them satisfy their needs, without stressing about it.

I can proudly say that I have achieved that to some degree. Most of the clients -especially the younger ones- always come to me to ask me all their questions about condoms, lubricants and other sex related products. And I happily reply. And if I have personal experience with any product, I share it with them as I want to offer not only a professional but also a personal take on their issue.

That was the case the other day as well. Sophie, a girl that I know for all of my life as we have been classmates from day one of school, walked in the pharmacy. She had just returned from Italy, where she spent the last 10 years of her life. After a warm hug we filled in each other about our lives. She got married to this Italian guy that sounded like a prince, and after a hectic life in the Italian capital, they decided to pursue a more relaxed lifestyle in our small village. I was very happy to see her.

She came by because se wanted to buy some lubricants. The big commercial brands do not work for her, so she wanted to check if we had some other options. Unfortunately, I couldn’t give my personal opinion as I hadn’t tried the products that she was interested in. At the end, she got a brand that she hadn’t used before and promised to let me know about the results.

Some days later and as I was walking back home from work, I came across Sophie in the bakery. We walked together towards our neighbourhood and chatted. After letting me know that Fransisco was away for work, she invited me for dinner. As I was free that night I pleasantly accepted. It was good reconnecting with my childhood girlfriend.

Our girl night was delightful, with stories filled with dangerous ex boyfriends and village gossip from the past decade. A tasty carbonara and two bottles of wine later, we found ourselves singing Freedom from George Michael and giggling about our teenage years.

“Oh, I forgot to ask you! Did you had the time to try the lubricant?”

“Yes! It’s very very good!”

She then went on to describe how effective it was and how satisfied with her purchase she is. I cannot quote her as she was detailing her experience meticulously, something that got me by surprise. According to her, this brand is very green and bio sensitive which results in a very pleasant usage of the product. The lubricant was not as cold as these products usually are, and not only it doesn’t irritate the vagina, it also provides a warm feeling of comfort.

“Would you like to try?”

What do you mean? How? I thought, but before I managed to speak any words she have had already jumped to the bedroom and got the said lubricant. “Don’t be shy, try it!” she insisted and prompted to help me take off my pants. For a reason I cannot really explain, I felt like following her lead. I took down my pants and underwear and grabbed the testing product. With my lips exposed, I put some lub in my hand and gasped preparing myself for the test drive. “Don’t be shy", Sophie suggested with her hands opening up my legs. Our high school years together just flashed before my eyes. Kissing each other trying to prepare ourselves for the boys, trying on each others underwear, exploring how different each female body is. My wet fingers were touching my pussy while my smily childhood friend was watching.

The lub was as amazing as she had sold it. My fingers slipped inside me effortlessly, successfully pleasuring me. But the testing didn’t stop there. Sophie obviously aroused by the play, wanted to share the fun. Quickly she undressed herself and grabbed the lub. With her eyes locked on mine, she fingered herself swimmingly.

“Doesn’t this feel great?”

It surely did. An unknown pleasure was taking over my body as our shared play was happening. She didn’t touch me and I didn’t touch her. But we both continued what we had started. Sitting across each other, vulnerable to each other’s eyes, enjoying what was happening. It felt like we were exploring something new to both of us. I still cannot explain if the satisfaction I was enjoying was homosexual or just sexual in general. Maybe it was the bond we created at that moment. A shared moment special only to us. We didn’t come. However, it felt like the whole act was in climax.

I bought a bottle of this lub for myself. Almost every night for the past month, I pour myself a glass of wine and seek the same kind of pleasure that I experienced that night. I close my eyes and see Sophie helping me rediscover the meaning of self care as she guides me through it.

The sales of the said lub have gone up. You see, now I can promise that it’s working.

Maribel, 34