“Kiss me.”

Romantic stories are so hard to get right now. I have been struggling with this thought for a while now. Due to medical conditions, I am part of the more “fragile” part of the population and so I try to avoid getting contact with people. As a result, my sex life has not been very exciting.

The first few months were really hard as many fuck buddies were constantly texting me to meet. It’s always more “safe” to meet with people that you already know after all. However, I was not in the mood. I was not feeling very safe and I really needed a social break. So I decided to stay away from the apps in order to detox and keep my sanity.

With social interactions happening mostly online, it didn’t take long for me to crave some sexual tension. So I opened the apps again, even though I shouldn’t meet anybody. As per usual, everybody was chatty and horny. Sex parties were a thing again with everybody acting like miss rona never happened. However, this was not the most surprising thing I came across scrolling down.

For the first time ever, I saw a new account on the grid. It was next to mine, 0 meters away. Pic-less, no information, no description, nothing. There was a gay in my building that I didn’t know about! I was shocked, as I knew everybody. There were only straight couples living here, and me. I started coming up with scenarios about who it might be but none of them were very realistic. I didn’t text him as I thought that he might feel uncomfortable. However, 5 minutes later a smiley emoji came my way.

I said hi and asked “are we at the same building?!” showing my excitement. He was very shy in the beginning, not wanting to tell me who he really was. You see, our building is very big, with 15 apartments in all 7 floors, so he could actually hide his identity. Instead of talking on the app he suggested we meet at the rooftop.

I fashioned a casual but chic look and headed to the rooftop to meet the mystery man. I was the first one to arrive which made me even more stressed. Ten minutes later the door opens and the secret is revealed. It was George, my neighbour from downstairs. He lives together with his girlfriend Marie, and we always had a good vide. We didn’t have any special interaction though, only met at the meetings regarding the maintaining of the building. It was kind of shocking because they looked really cute together and I would never think that he might like dick.

It was really obvious that I was shocked as I stood there speechless. He was very shy and let many moments pass before he spoke his first hello. He let me know that this meeting was top secret and he was supposedly gone for a walk. Marie had no idea.

Even though they had been together for more than two years, the stress of the first lockdown made them realise that they weren’t meant for each other. They broke up a couple of months ago but Marie couldn’t move out yet. The plan was that George would continue living in the flat below mine and Marie would move to a new flat that unfortunately got delayed, leading to an uncomfortable co-living experience. He also had some medical issues that made him stay away from social activities.

George is a viking. Golden thick beard, crystal blue eyes, pumped up chest. A very sexy viking. Even though I would love to get on my knees and suck his dick till I devour his load, at that moment I was more curious about his life story. He had no gay experiences. Till now he was too afraid to try anything. But after a very serious relationship and the breakup he felt like it was time he tried all these things that he had been fantasising about. He noted that he was always very interested in me, as I am an out and proud gay guy that I was never ashamed to speak freely about who I am. So when he saw me in the app he felt happy as he saw it as a way to interact with me.

That moment I understood that George needed a friend, not a lover. And I was happy to provide all the support that I could. We would talk all the time, and we would meet at the rooftop almost every day. The app was stressing him so he decided to close it and instead use me as his source of information. Almost a month passed by and Marie finally moved out. George was finally free and ready to start a new chapter in his life.

I finally invited him at my flat and he was very happy to come. Finally, I could show him things that were not restricted by the phone screen. I let him flip though my collection of gay magazines, I showed him my gay as hell fashion accessories, I even let him try on a jock. He was enjoying that so much. Even though I didn’t know him that well, I could really say that he hadn’t been the happiest till now.

Many hours & plenty mojitos later, we finally sat down on the sofa. He told me how grateful he was that he got someone to help him understand this new world. He was very excited to know me better and to see that I live my life in such a joyful way. He was even eager to start watching drag race, even though he was not ready for it yet.

I was really happy to see him smiling. I felt good knowing that I was helping him discover his true self. It was my time to pass down the torch and accept someone, as my friend did to me more than a decade ago. His beautiful eyes were shinning even brighter now.

He got up to refill our mojitos and his return was more slow than normal. It was obvious that he was thinking of something. He chose to sit closer to me, just a breath away. Looking outside the window, he confessed that he had yet to experience a kiss with a man. Blushingly, his face then turned to me with his puppy eyes staring at me.

“Kiss me.”

It came out naturally. I didn’t think about it. It was so obvious that both of us wanted it that I didn’t want to put more thought into it. I took his drink and placed it in the coffee table, freeing him from any obstacle. I then grabbed his leg that was touching me, and made space for our bodies to get closer. Silently, he moved closer. His face was totally red and it was the cutest thing I have ever seen.

He closed his eyes and budged forward. Our lips met and we both moaned. He got hard instantly. I could see his bulge pumping up. I didn’t want to touch it. Yet. I leaned closer and grabbed his head with both hands. I wanted him to experience a real kiss. A real passionate kiss. My tongue did all the magic. We were very compatible and he really enjoyed it.

“Should we do something about that too?” I said pointing at his massive bulge.

“Not yet” he said and it was his time to grab my head.

We continued kissing for what felt like the whole night. We didn’t get naked. There was no need. It was all about the kissing. We ended up falling asleep there at the couch, with the clothes on. Luckily enough, the weekend was ahead of us and we were both not working.

He managed to be the first one to wake up. After a quick toilet visit, we got back to the sofa. To be more precise, at the floor in front of the sofa. He woke me up with a kiss and then got on his knees. He took out my joggers slowly and stood there staring at my boxer. I couldn’t help but get hard. He then started rubbing his head on my bulge. I could feel his head burning from the blushing. After caressing the whole area meticulously, his face stoped directly on top of my wood and stood there. Breathlessly, he opened his hungry mouth and chomped my clothed cock.

Astonished by his determination, I stood there moveless, enjoying the show. I didn’t want to stress him to do anything more than what he was ready for. Moments later, he took out my boxer.

Amazed by the live view of a hard dick, he sobbed in awe. Still on the floor, he took out his clothes, presenting his rock hard dick. Without thinking about it, I lifted my arm, aiming for it.

‘No. I will do everything.”

He put me back in my place, took a big breath. He stood there watching my cock beating to the rhythm of my heart. He then started jerking off. He was beating it so hard! Like a teenager. A couple of minutes later, he came closer, wanting to smell it he wondered around it. He buried his face in my balls, touching me as much as possible. His moaning was intense. I was enjoying the show so much. He then got back up and closer to the base of the dick. He put his face parallel to my wood and started moving it by force, slowly. After some back and forths, he felt ready to suck it.

It only took him one take. He opened his mouth and devoured my dick as deeply as he could. He closed his mouth, almost bitting me. He let it out with a massive moan, stood up and ejaculated on top of my cock. His huge load was burning like hell, and I was dazed by how amusing this whole show was. The only thing I could speak was WOW as I was looking for all the places his cum traveled.

He asked me if I wanted to come too but my honest answer was ‘It’s all about you, babe.”