“Yes, but naked.”

It was a casual Friday night in Berlin. I just got back home from work and I was enjoying quality time on the sofa watching cute dogs on YouTube barking “mama”. My friends very successfully convinced me to let the dogs keep barking mama, put on my rave total black outfit and head to Berghain to meet them. Every week is like “ok, no raving this weekend”. And then life happens and raving seems more important than sleeping, or cute dogs trying to speak.

The reason why I like the so called “temple”, Berghain, is because there everything is possible. And everyone is powerful. It doesn’t have to do with drugs, it’s about the whole experience. You let yourself free, high or no high. You dance, you flirt, you scream, you have fun. I have been living in Berlin for the past 4 years and I have to admit that there hasn’t been one time that I felt disappointed about what the temple has to offer.

That night was no exception. I was dancing with my friends intensely, it almost felt like working out.  It was a bit less crowded than usual and I was enjoying the extra free space. At some point, I noticed that a huge bear was dancing by my side. He was looking at me and I was looking at him. His huge arms were stretching his shirt. Muscle bear he was. I approached him while dancing. Bumping “accidentally” into him, seemed the best way to start the communication.

“I am sorry big Bear” I told him while grabbing his thick arm. “No worries cute boy” he said as he spanked my horny ass. That was hot. Very hot. “You are a very good dancer, wanna dance together?” I suggested. He smiled and grabbed my waist, putting our bodies closer. “Yes, but naked” he said and then kissed me.

He is still here, beside me. Lying naked on my bed. One year later. And hopefully for many years to come. The cub found it’s bear, and that bear is the hottest, cutest, most adorable fluffer out there.


Mano, 28