“That was fun. Let’s do it again.”

I am working as a bartender in a small bar in the center of Athens. I love my job because I get the chance to meet so many new people everyday. My favorite kind is the foreigners, especially the ones that just moved here. This is because they are so talkative and they want to make new friends. And they always tip well of course.

It’s been a bit more than a month now that this american guy moved to the neighborhood and he is coming to the bar almost every day. He enjoys working on his laptop by the bar, while exchanging a few words and making jokes from time to time. He is very funny. And so fucking handsome. He has this american smizing that drives me crazy. He has caught me many times staring at him, and most of the times he just winks back. And that just makes me smile.

Yesterday was a very busy day and we didn’t talk that much. When it was time to leave he said “Goodbye handsome” and winked while grabbing my arm. He got me by surprise and I totally loved it. Best thing that happened the whole day. He left and I couldn’t stop thinking about him. Some hours later it was finally time to close the shop. I cleaned, grabbed my things and left the building. I was so stressed from work that I had to enjoy a cigaret before riding my motorbike. While I was standing there enjoying the cigaret, he appears in the corner of the street and keeps walking towards me.

“Hard day, right?”

“You bet. I just wanted to be done with it and go die at my sofa”

“Poor man. I think you totally deserve some fresh red velvet cake” and he showed me this bag that he was carrying with him. He had gone to buy some for the house.

“Aw, aren’t you the sweetest.” truth is that I just wanted to grab him and kiss him.

“Come upstairs, I have an amazing wine. You should enjoy tonight” said smiling.

“Sounds just perfect” I said, smiling back, totally dreaming about where this could lead to.

I followed him to his apartment, just 2 mins away. Beautiful flat, with an amazing view of the Acropolis. He put the new Robyn album playing and served me the most delicious red velvet I have ever tasted. If he proposed right there and then I would definitely say yes. He knows how to flirt. Such a handsome man. Around 45, with grey hair, as muscly as he should be, and with a smile to die for. Proper Daddy bear, husband material. He told me all these stories from his travels. He used to work for hotels all around the world and as a result he has traveled everywhere. During the story telling he was very strategically letting his knee touch my knee, making sure he was not forcing himself into me, but instead just making me feel more comfortable. My cock was hard the whole time. I could understand that his eyes were undressing me, noticing every inch of my body. We finished the first bottle of wine and he got to the kitchen to bring another one. He came back, poured the wine for us both and sat on the sofa, this time closer to me than before.

“You are absolutely gorgeous, you know that, right?” he said right before he had a zip from his wine.

“Same goes for you” and I let my self loose, putting my hand on his back. Just one moment later, he was leaning towards me, attempting to kiss me. I thought that he would go for the lips but instead he put his face on my side, letting his wet lips touch my ear. How the fuck did he know that I love this? He then came closer to me and put his left hand on my neck, forcing my face to surrender to his control. I couldn’t do anything else but follow his touch. He made me turn my face. Now our lips were just some centimeters away. And he kissed me. The softest lips I have ever tasted. The taste of the wine was making everything even more amazing. He helped me take off my sweater. He starting caressing my hairy chest while his eyes were locked into my eyes. He kissed me all over my neck and chest. I was sitting there numb from the hornyness. I didn’t know what to do, I just wanted him to take control and make me enjoy. And he did. He unzipped my pants and helped me get totally naked. He was enjoying how shaky my cock was. I was so horny. He then started sucking me. I couldn’t stop moaning. He was enjoying that. I wanted more but I couldn’t hold it for much longer. “I am about to come” I said while grabbing him from his arms, forcing him to gag on my cock. I came and he kept his head there, making sure that every drop was inside him. He swallowed everything. I was once again trembling and moaning from the hornyness. His face was in overwhelming happiness. It was obvious that he had enjoyed that as much as I did. He said “Bravo babe” and kissed me. “Delicious” he added.

When I was leaving he told me “That was fun. Let’s do it again” and I couldn’t stop smiling. “Yes, please”.

George M, 35, Athens