“You filthy pig.”

I was queueing outside a shop. There was a very handsome daddy in front of me. Tall, muscly, semi bald, big beard. The kind of daddy that you see in the porn movies. The mask covering his face was making him mysterious, adding up on the sexiness. He was wearing sweatpants that were highlighting his juicy butt and his thick thighs. I didn’t see the bulge unfortunately. But it was not necessary, in my imagination it was as big as it should be. I thought that the sight of his back was enough to get me wet, but then his phone rang and his voice was so deep and sensual that it got me even more wet. I was imagining him teaching me how to be submissive, something that really excites me lately. He would be the perfect teacher for a sloppy bottom like me. I was sure he was straight though so everything had to stay in my imagination. I was seriously staring at his back and I was drooling. I was hoping we would stay in that line forever.

At some point, there was another daddy passing by with his kid, and the two daddies waved hi from afar. Surprised to spot each other, they exchanged some words.

“You live around here too?”

“Yes I live a couple of blocks away! Getting the son to his English classes.”

And they winked goodbye.

The moment the second daddy walked away, the one in front of me shaked his head as if he was overwhelmed by the mundane conversation that took place. It was obvious that there was sexual tension between them two, which was very interesting since the one in front of me was so “masculine” and the other one had a son.

No more than five minutes later, the second daddy comes back, this time without his son. He came directly to the other daddy in order to have a more intimate chit chat.

“You have a son?! You never mentioned that!”

“Is that a problem? I was afraid it might scare you away.”

“Not at all. Is there a wife too?”


Clearly horned up, the queueing daddy smiled and pinched the other one on the side of his waist, at the love handles.

“You filthy pig.”

The other one smiled and raised his hand in order to “shhh” and highlight how secret their interaction should be.


And the second daddy walked away nodding positively.

The best porn was taking place right in front of my eyes and I was there watching with my jaw dropped on the floor, drooling like crazy. And then the daddy turned his head and saw me obviously staring at him. His eyes went directly to my bulge that was very visibly swollen. He then looked me in the eyes and winked, as if he enjoyed both my bulge but also the fact that I had witnessed what had happened seconds ago.

I do not know how many times I have jerked off thinking about these two sexy men and their secret affair.


M, Athens