'Hard for me."

I was casually enjoying a coffee with a friend in a cafe near my house. We were giggling and spilling the tea like gays do. To our surprise, a straight couple came and sat right on our side, even though the place was almost empty. They seemed to be on their first date. The awkwardness was so visible, but so cute at the same time. They didn’t know what to talk about so the bad weather was the most frequent topic.

The girl was occasionally crossing her legs and flipping her hair, in an attempt to show how sexy she could be, while the guy was trying to keep his masculine figure up straight. His legs were open, like men do, and his hands were stuck into his thighs, trying to avoid any kind of theatricality that could harm his masculinity and repel the female. His face was very well groomed for such an a-male type of guy.

But his posture and his beard were not the focus of my attention. His huge bulge was. From the moment he entered the room and passed by in front of us, that bulge got my attention. Incredibly meaty. In exciting ways. If he was gay I would think that he got silicone on it. But on a closer look, you could understand that it was that big that he didn’t know how to position it inside his denim. The light grey colour of the pants was also highlighting the thickness and the girth of it.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. How could he live with such a big dick? I have never seen such a meaty bulge in my whole life before. And I have been to the right parties, you know. At some point he got up and went to the toilet. Maybe he was hard because he wanted to pee, I thought. During his visit to the toilet, the girl checked her phone, pushed her bra in order to pump up the boobs, and slightly lifted her shirt. And I thought, you go girl!

The gifted stud came back and my eyes were pinned on his package. I followed him walking all these 3 meters and I wished my vision could work on slow motion. It was still overwhelmingly big. And then the stud noticed me. But I didn’t care, I had questions that needed to be answered.

The couple continued their (kind of boring) date. The guy kept his legs wide open, thankfully. Even though he was aware that I was starring at him. He was occasionally turning his heads towards me, like assuring me that he knew what I was into. I didn’t stop. It felt like he was enjoying the idea.

Then it was the girl’s time to visit the toilet. She made a very sensual walk through the room and got the guy to stare at her while she was walking away. And when she was passed the door, the guy turned his head and looked me in the eyes.

With his legs still wide open, his hand slipped and grabbed his bulge. Grabbed it sensually. Grabbed it like inviting me to a night full of cum. Grabbed it like telling me he was willing to let me suck it if I was up for it. Grabbed it like he was hard for me. He was playing with it. He was getting even harder and bigger. He was that big that when the girl came back he had to cross his legs in order to hide it.

My heart was beating so fast. I could feel my head being red. I was feeling exposed. Exposed like having sex in a room full of people starring at me. Such a pervert thought, and I knew that I would be jerking off to that later.

Their date was over and they were leaving. He winked at me and grabbed his meaty bulge one last time, as a goodbye gesture. The girl’s skirt was that high up that you could see her underwear, and the only thing I could think of was how lucky that bitch was. And if she knew about poppers.

My eyes followed them walking away and wished them the best. My friend finally realised and said “oh that’s why you were so spaced out.”

D, Athens