"A hairy hunk beating it for me."

Lockdown is hard. Especially if you live alone. From hoeing around to social distancing and self isolation, my sex life has experienced a huge change. However, I cannot say that it’s been that bad. I have had many wonderful sexperiences so now it’s the time to remember all of them and pay them the honors. Meaning masturbate to them.

 I love wanking A LOT. A typical quarantine day finds me beating it three to four times. Some days even six or seven. The absence of human touch helps you reevaluate even the smallest interaction. So all the gang bangs that have happened in the past now seem as a farfetched dream. One thought leads to another and boom here you are again, thinking about that hot threesome you had a couple of months ago. And your dick is hard. And you cannot help but jerk off again.

So this happened again yesterday as I was watering the plants on the balcony. I was watching the water splashing around and on top of me and I remembered this hunk that spilled his massive load on me some weeks ago. And there I was, hard watering the plants. But I didn't stop my gardening. I continued, but as I was going around the balcony, I was pushing my hard dick against every surface available. It felt good to do that with the hot sun touching me. I enjoyed it deeply. And apparently my neighbor enjoyed it too. Because as I turned my head, I noticed him throbbing his cock while spying on me. He noticed that I saw him, but he didn't stop. Our eyes met and his throbbing got more intense. He was now doing it for me. He wanted me to know that he likes me. And oh I enjoyed that. He was shirtless, just wearing his black boxers. A hairy hunk beating it for me.

I turned my head around, securing that no other neighbor was participating in this game, and got my cock out as well. Our eyes were locked on each other, while our hands were taking care of our hard cocks. If he wanted to feel more pleasure, he would pull his balls with his left hand, while his right hand would force his cock to bang the metal fence, making him moan. At some point he almost fell on a chair, coming all over his belly. He then used his right hand to wipe the cum from his body, and taste it with his mouth. He was then looking at me, more naughty than ever. He grabbed his legs and lift them up in the air, spreading his ass wide open. He was inviting me to burry my load deep inside him. And for a moment it felt like it was really happening. I could almost feel the warmth of his ass devouring my cock. And this is when I came. I exploded, throwing my load like a rocket up on the sky. And he was there enjoying the view.

I cannot wait to water the plants again.

Paul, Athens.