"I can feel the desire."


Dear stranger,

I don't know your name, we never really have time to talk, and with my terrible Spanish and your awful English, understanding will be quite difficult between us.

I never expect to meet someone like you at a local restaurant in a small city like Varadero in Cuba. At the very beginning of our eye contacts, I couldn't even tell how you look like because I didn't wear my glasses, and I didn't even think that you could be gay. I mean, with the casual top tank and giant golden chain on your neck, I thought you must be straight, not mention that you always have physical contacts with the girl next to you.

Then we start to check out each other time to time, from accidentally to pretending accidentally, from nervous and shy to naughty and straight forward, we are officially flirting with evil smile, wink and some body language.

That was very HOT, specially when we both with our own companies, but secretly communicating with eyes and motions. Until you stand up and leave to the bathroom, I immediately know that's a sign.

So I stand up just after you, and soon found myself standing outside of the thin door which is the only thing divided us, let the heart beat rising. You opened the door, looked at me strangely but curiously, for the first time, I can see your face clearly, and you look exactly like Vieri, the famous Italian football player back in early 2000s. I didn't think too much, walked into the small cabin, we started to kiss.

I have to say, the door is so thin that I can heard waitress talking outside and I feel no privacy at all. But you seem don't care that much, you were kissing and touching me like a wild animal. I guess that's pure chemistry, and what I can do is enjoy, even some of your movements were really way too rude for me, I don't care at that moment. I can feel the desire from you, and I can feel the desire from my heart and inside my shorts. I enjoyed your passionate kissing and hugging and whatever you did to my ass with your fat, filth, sexy tongue.

Unfortunately, we can't communicate by language. So, even I know you were inviting me to do some "real stuff" later, but obviously, we can't arrange. You were with couple of friends drinking and I was with Lukas, and he was very upset with me that night. So, even I said yes and seems like we are going to have a wild night together, but I already knew that's not going to happen. I need to consider Lukas's feeling.

After you leave the small cabin first, I took some time inside there, mocking myself a little bit, I think last time when I had some fun in the bathroom was back in March 2018, I always enjoyed it but also feel a bit ugly and guilty. So I don't know how to react when I went out the door, I feel waitress must know what going on with us, and I feel Lukas must noted something, and I feel your "girl friend" are staring at me, and I don't know how to react when I went back to the seat.

Soon Lukas found out I was always checking something, I told him I was flirting with you, and no surprise he got mad about it, and said something very rude about you. Thank god I didn't told him what happened inside the bathroom, I think I will share it to him later in my life. But anyway, that's why I stopped to checking you, I don't want to hurt him, specially at that night, his already been through too much.

You probably wondered who the fuck is this Lukas. Well, long story, but I would say he's a very good (probably the best) friend of mine, we traveling together, and in the process of re-understanding each other, so I want to protect him. That's also why I left without saying goodbye to you. I feel sorry about it.

Later when we cross the street, I heard someone make noises by car, beep, beep... beep, beep, beep... I turned back, but I couldn't see anything without glasses. I can't ask Lukas either, but I secretly think, maybe it's you, trying to send me a message, ask me to go back. That will be so sweet, and I'm writing this to you to let you know, I miss you at this moment.

Good luck in your life, and goodbye my friend.


Xiaobing @benself