"An unexpected smell triggering stimulation."

I have this thing, my nose is picking up smells really well. It’s like a gift, I can match smells with people, places, things. I can tell you what kind of spices a dish has. I can also get headaches because of strong smells. Apparently many people have this, it’s like hyper sense of smell. So, the story I will share with you has to do about my thing for smells and my fluffer.

We have been friends for more than 20 years. We spent all childhood together. Every school year we were at the same class. She has been there for me and I have been there for her. We kissed for the first time on a drunken night, while fooling around. We were 15 years old. I haven't tasted her lips since then. But I think about her all the time. Every girlfriend I get is automatically compared to her. Even by my parents. I never had the power to express my feelings. I never told her that I think about her every day of my life. I am afraid that it will ruin our beautiful friendship. We have a special bond. One of these connections that you can speak with the eyes. And I love her smell. I can tell if she has been in the room before. Her smell alone can make me hard. Is it the memories accompanying the smell? Is it the actual smell that triggers my nerving system? I really don’t know. What I know is that her smell makes my cock hard and ready to shoot. Everybody knows about my sensibility, but no one knows about it being a fetish. I have always been too shy to share this with anybody. It is not something that I have explored much, usually it’s just an unexpected smell triggering stimulation. It was a couple of weeks ago when that was about to change.

We decided to spend the night together and I visited her to watch a movie. Her roommate joined us as well. Everything was pretty normal till I had to go to the bathroom. There I saw the basket of dirty clothes. Half empty. And full of her stuff. How do I know? I could smell her in the air. My curiosity made me go through the pile of the dirty underwear. This is where I found a black thong.  And yes, as you guessed, my cock was hard as a rock. I devoured it, sucking in every molecule of smell it released. I jerked off, coming on the sink in not event a minute. Why this tiny bit of fabric could drive me crazy? I had to know. I had to experience this again. Without second thoughts the thong got inside my pocket. It was part of my little secret. The movie ended and I rushed to leave. It was time to explore my new treasure. Sniff after sniff, I found myself jerking off 4 to 5 times per day. I couldn't control it. The smell was too much to handle. I had to hide the thong in boxes because otherwise I couldn't focus on anything else inside the house.

A week later she texted me if I wanted to hang out. She offered to bring pizza at home. After catching up and as she was picking songs on spotify, she turned to me and said…

“so did you enjoy my little gift?”

She knew everything! From the very beginning. She knew that I had a huge crush on her. She knew I had this fetish. She knew that her smell drives me crazy. And she knew that I took her underwear. Because she had created the scenery for me! She has been playing me for all these years. She has been enjoying torturing me. The idea of me thinking about her, fantasizing about what her smell can do to me has been a real turn on. She felt like my queen. She didn't want to have sex, at least not yet. She wanted to have control over me. She told me that she always thought of me as her “special” childhood friend and that no one would ever understand our deep connection. She also told me that she will continue torturing me until she is ready to have sex. And when that time comes, she will completely surrender herself to me.