A spoonful lust.

‘Moma, I’m so tired. I want to come back home and live with you… like old days,’ I pay my fare and step out of the cab.

‘Oh, honey! Your Papa and I also miss you all the time…’ her words make me feel gloomy until she adds ‘… but my child, now you have responsibilities for your own family and husband too.’

I wave my hand to the kids playing in the park while walking; ‘Hmmm… Husband!’ I inhale a deep breath before saying, ‘Well, I have reached home. Talk to you later. Have to cook, before Inder reaches.’

I disconnect the call and amble towards the apartment while keeping the mobile in the handbag; thinking about the argument I had with him this morning that could be avoided with ease if I would stay calm. He is trying all his ways to make me happy like movies, outings, trips, dinners everything that a calm and well-sorted man can do to please his wife. Still, I don’t know why I keep comparing him with my ex-boyfriends. He, no doubt stands out as the best husband but, I feel a void unfilled in this 5 months’ wedding. Being in a spoilt company, liquors and hookah, hardcore, and doing dirty things to every extent had turned to an addiction for me, and now living with a guy, who wears formal even on weekends, who brushes his teeth even before the morning kisses, and who never touched the alcohol… makes me feel like too much prosy. He is too decent, had no sex life before marriage, too much slow, and also I think… he doesn’t want to understand this.

I insert the key in the keyhole and try to rotate the key that doesn’t work. I take a breath and again insert the key, put all my efforts to unlock the door but the door opens by itself. I remove my shoes and while putting it in the rack near the door only, his shoes make me realize my stupidity.

‘You came home… so early. All okay?’ I ask and step in and find him wearing some pale blue colored loose cotton boxers and… nothing else! ‘I put all your half sleeved shirts in the sideway block of the wardrobe. Let me, get you one,’ I lock the door and move to get in but he is standing still at his position and gazing me. I move my brows and hand to ask him for the side but he stands still until I touched his forehead to check if he had a fever or some other health issue. He holds my hand approaching his face with a grip and kisses my fingers gently. I coy like some teen and correct the strands of my hairs that are no less than a mess. He moves closer to my ear, I can feel his warm breath on my skin; he whispers, ‘sit down on your knees.’

‘Aeh!’ only sound I make. I lift on my toes to see if everything is fine in the kitchen or prayer room.

‘Inder! Why are you not letting me walk in?’ I choose this one to start my questioning.

‘I want to spice up your life today,’ he corrects his glasses by lifting it from the nose with the middle finger. His hooded eyes have some spark and gestures are so confident to surprise me. I gaze at him with heavy eyes imbibing the mood of the atmosphere. He extends his hand towards me and I immediately put mine in his soft palm, he curled his long fingers and made it to reach his chest. I touch his skin beneath the small and soft body hair. ‘Put down your bag and kneel,’ he says in a soft voice looking into my eyes.

I drop my bags and knee down on the floor keeping my eyes on him and my palm traveling his body from chest to reach the thighs passing through the waist, navel, and his groin. The very first time, hairs on his body are enticing me to touch and kiss. His bulge from the boxers is luring me like some candy to a school going.

‘Am I gonna have a hard day?’ I ask, stressing on the word hard. He turns and starts walking into the gallery to the lobby area. He squats down on his toes facing me from a distance. ‘Come here…,’ he says with a gracious smile. I am putting my hand on the floor to stand till he asks with raised brows, ‘Did I ask you to stand?’ he paused, running his fingers through his hair. His smile was so fascinating. I notice a tiny dimple under his lips to right and that makes his smile much more beautiful. I started crawling towards him staring at his foot tapping the floor.

‘Ouch!’…Something whips me at my butt. I look up at his smile, having a thin, long wooden pointer that I bought during teaching practice, what a wise use? I titillate the beaten area. He again hit on my breasts to end me up with a loud moan.

‘Give me your panty,’ he demands. I hesitate for a moment and look at him to ensure his words but his eyes too are demanding vagary. I stand with flair to coax him, unbutton my pants, and strip that down in leisure making him see all the curves. He downs on his knees to remove socks and then pant. He kisses my thighs and bites the skins at the peripherals of my briefs to serve me the delight, to pace up the flow of blood, and to arouse me enough to make me climb up on my toes that move one of my steps back to lean against the wall behind me.

He again whips my ass with the stick… ‘Take off your panty and kneel,’ I can sense gasping in his voice. I remove my panty in a hurry. He again corrects his glasses by lifting it from the nose. I handed him my panty with both my hands. His eyes are at me and takes off the bun stick of my hair with love, and grazes my hair gently, and stoops my head to his feet, ‘lick me, baby…’

I hesitate at first but the moment I kiss and then lick his foot, I felt his finger in my hair moving to celebrate the glee he is experiencing; I lick it again but not to stop this time, grab his toe with my tongue, and started kissing his toe while his moans and his whipping on my ass rule my moves. I tongue every pore until he steps back. I can see his erection from the cloth. I approach my touch to feel but he starts walking away from me and places the pointer on the table while smelling my panty and enters the kitchen, ‘wait for me in the room,’ he says in a hoarse voice from there.

I wait for a while but his move allays me, this is so disappointing. I collect my pants and bag from the entrance and walk in, place all the stuff on the sofa, and bang the door of the washroom. I take a bath to rest the desires he aroused.

I walk to the bedroom to get my clothes but find him sitting on the wooden chair with dim lights in the room, a bottle of whiskey with a champagne tulip near the front leg of the chair, and he is patting the pointer on his palm with the beats of mild music of Arijit Singh. This mood makes the current of excitement to flow throughout my body. I bite my lower lip and close the door with my leg and lean against the door.

He is looking at me continuously. I point at the beverage with a steering smile, ‘nice try… but with Teachers’, crystal suits more, not the tulip.’ He smiles back, imitates me, and points at the top of the door behind me. I turn to look back and find a bundle of rope hanging on a nail on the wall adjacent to the closed door. ‘Get me that,’ he says and walks closer to me. I lift my forelimbs; he stands against my back adjusting his groin to shape around my hip. I stand still to feel his flaming breath. He takes off my towel and kisses my neck. I lower my hands back to the level of head digging my fingers into the surface of the concrete. My body inclines on his and is feeling his warm skin on my back. ‘You are so beautiful Suchi… and you are all mine,’ he murmurs in my ear and bites the cartilage and earlobe. His words make the fire flow in my body.

‘Yes, honey… I’m all yours,’ I beg for more. He flogs me with the pointer aiming my breasts. I scream in pain. He pushes me to lean on the wall and lashes me repeatedly about the buttocks.

‘Get me that,’ his deep breaths are agitating me. He keeps kissing my back and keeps rolling the fingertips and thumb around my nipples to witness the stimulation while I struggle to get that bundle. He is licking my spine moving downwards. I put my face against the wall when he bites my ass, scratches my waist and thighs. His moves are driving me crazy and it spasms my feet. I put my foot on his thigh that makes him groan and heights myself up to reach the bundle.

‘Sorry,’ I feel bad genuinely. I move closer and sit on his laps. I can feel the erection. He is licking his lips. I start to move my ass to feel his body more. His lips are getting dry, his eyes are closed. I touch his chest with my lips and my tongue is traveling to his brown nipple. I round it with my teeth to make him moan my name, ‘oh Suchi… I wanna fuck you.’

‘Fuck me Inder,’ I plea with a shaking voice.  

He holds my shoulder, makes me sit on my knees, and is standing in front of me licking his lips again while his eyes are still on me. He is moving his fingers in my hair. I dab my hand in his boxers and slides it down gently to free his engorged penis. He grabs my head with both his hands. I plot a kiss on the red flesh bumping out from the skin and lick it and curl the rigid muscles in my hand and suck the glans penis. He graces my hair to stand and makes me sit on the chair. He walks behind the chair.

‘Give me your wrists,’ his voice is gruff.

‘There? I mean to the back,’ I confirm.

‘Yes Suchi… hurry up,’ his accent is demanding my submission.

I stretch my hands to roll back to reach his palm and he ties my hands together… tight. I’m feeling so nervous. He again upends in front and again holds my head with both his hand. I swallow. He moves his penis to lips for me to kiss and then push it inside and stays in for a while to feel the warmth and eases back slowly. I raise my suction. He groans and lets my suction lead. He moves in and out rhyming with the suction I am giving to him. His moans are making me the desire for more.

‘Suchi… I want to go deeper.’ I open my eyes to see his. He is looking at me. He is gasping. He moves a little back and lays the hold of my hair and pushes his dick to approach my dry throat. He slides back and redoes the process but this time he stills there for a while. My eyes broaden and breath chokes. I try to move my head which is sandwiched between the back of the chair and his skin. My toes curl. My hands struggle to plea for breath until he releases me.

He steps back, ‘you are damn sexy Suchi,’ his voice is soft. I puff my lungs with deep inhales. I feel the sour taste on my tongue.

‘And you are so delicious,’ I whisper with closed eyes. He removes the glasses and throws that on bed serenely. He looks hotter without the spectacles. He wears back the lower.

‘You are in big trouble… girl’ he says while moving towards me. I move my head to wipe my dripping saliva against my shoulder. He rolls his finger on my lips to turn my throat dry suddenly. He moves his hand to reach my breast and puts a kiss on the other. His rolling finger and soft kisses are making me moan. I raise my knees to land my heels on the apex of the chair. He licks my knee and slides his toe to move a little back towards my legs. I gaze at him kissing my leg. He stands up, runs his finger through his hair, and rotates the chair anticlockwise by 120 degrees approx. I scream.

‘You noise a lot,’ he says and smiles at me. I swallow and look at him. He loosens the ropes of my wrists and rebound it loosely. He pours the whiskey in a wine glass and takes a sip and makes the face to disgust taste. I laugh. He raises his brows, astonished for a while, and sips again. He holds my face and bends to approach my lips. I kiss his lips while he releases a sip on my tongue that approaches to my dry throat, partially falling on my body. I close my eyes to make it reach my every taste bud. He pulls my legs out to make my hips slide on the wooden surface to reach the very edge.

‘Don’t move,’ he threatens me in loud voice to stop my body intending to the surface. He trusses my left leg to the bottom of the bed and then the other to the foot of the table. Both the bounds are hard enough for me alone to move, though my hips are on edge. I look at his smile anxiously which is actually… now scaring me. He kisses my lips discerning my disquiet.

‘You are going to love it,’ he breaths near my lips.

‘Sure?’ I exclaim myself. He looks at me with love and must have seen my lament eyes.

‘I can never hurt you even in my dreams.’ He is looking into my eyes being very close and slides the chair closer to me and rests my ass on the surface. His gestures are answering the words I said in the morning about his sexual desires and fantasies. A tear rolls out from my eyes as I lower my eyes to avoid eye contact.

‘No… No Suchi…’ he lifts my head to look into his eyes, ‘I love you and I don’t want to lose you.’ I strive against my tears but my remorse keeps puling.

‘I fantasize about you Suhci… you are the only woman, I dreamt for my whole life,’ he wipes my wailing eyes, ‘listen to me…please.’ His voice is soft.

‘Whenever you expected me to push you hard; I didn’t only want to fuck you but also to make you beg for more all the time… but it scared me, like what if anyhow I would hurt you. I’d never been with any woman,’ he smiles and looks down. I sob.

‘Suchi… I don’t know why you broke up with your ex and married a dumb… me. But I was afraid that if I would hurt you even unintentionally, I would lose you.’ I look at him. He is running his fingers through his small and messy fringes making his furrowed forehead visible, ‘but today, when you said that you want to be with a man… a true man. That really hurts me.’ I cursed myself for my words.

‘… Suchi I feel like I’ve lost you. In fact, it was like… I never had you. I didn’t go to work but thought about it all day. I never loved you like you wanted… as any woman deserves. You expressed yourself several times, you gave me the hints that you want more.’

‘Yes, I did… all the time.’ I nod my head and scuff my dripping nose.

‘I like this way. I always fantasize like this. I was afraid of…,’ he says softly looking into my eyes. He is totally confused.

He clears his throat and stand up, ‘baby… this is me. These are my choices but before everything…. Your opinion matters to me a lot. I do not want to strangle you and your wishes anyhow, but want us to grow together in all aspects…’ he bows to level his eyes to meet mine to add‘…even sex. Please tell me very clearly if you don’t want this.’

‘Fuck me Inder… in your way. I’m loving it,’ I murmur softly and bite my lower lip.

I look at his face. He is smiling legitimately. ‘Sure…?’ His eyes are shining reflecting his passion.

I bite my lower lip and stretch my body to slide back to the apex of the chair, ‘I’m all yours.’ I’m looking at my man with all the trust and confidence this time. He stands up and is kissing my lips to fill my mouth with his tongue to touch mine. I owe it like mine and play with his flesh on mine by scratching with my teeth. He moans being in me and wrap my stretched body in his arms, moving his finger on my spines. He moves his kisses to my neck and shoulders breaking the constancy of my breath. I am panting and groaning to make loud noises. He rips off the skin of the waist holding the hipbones in his firm hand. He is pouring fire on my cutis with his warm exhales.

He walks to behind my chair. He graces my hair moving my head back to lean against the wood and braids my long hair with some rope and tie it to the door behind, resting me in only one posture. I see him sipping the alcohol to empty the tulip. He touches my cheek with the thumb, ‘you are true Indian beauty.’ He bends and pours some liquor in my mouth… that spills on the body to flow through the torso to the growing black pubic hair. I swallow the drink and moan louder with the next breath.

‘Open your mouth…’ I open.

‘Wider…’ he is gasping. I hesitate but widens.

‘Even more.’ I look at him. He smiles playfully. I grin back, close my eyes, and broaden the opening.

His moves surprise me. I look at him and he is actually placing the base of the tulip in my mouth. ‘Hold it with your teeth… firmly.’ He again licks his lips.

He is pouring the drink in the glass. ‘Stretch your body baby…’ his voice entice me. I stretch myself to hold the drink to the top.

‘I should have gotten the crystal with whiskey.’ I can sense the impishness in his words. My inner giggling makes the drink spills on me leading to the same path to disperse into the hair at down.

‘The more you want… the more you need to stay still.’ His words are merciless. His eyes are wandering on my skins. He stands between my fan out legs and bends to plot a kiss on the skin of inner thighs. His moving tongue is no less than some elves. He places his palm on my thighs and breathes near my clitoris to generate the flames in me.

‘You smells so good,’ his words are desiccating my throat. I close my eyes as he kisses me down there. My tongue scuffles with the base of glass resting in to make it stands still. The movement of his tongue on my clitoris is straightening as some axis. The grip of teeth to the glass is turning stronger. My ankle stiffs and my body convulse. My head pushes the chair, my leg drags the table. My vile sounds are growing louder.

‘I want to taste you… my love,’ he inserts his finger in my cunt while teasing my clitoris with the teeth. My legs are shaking. My breath chocks. My body stiffs and finally I release the vaginal fluid synchronizing with the release of glass and let the drink roll over my shaking body. I relax my buttocks on the surface… kind more than the edge. He unties my left leg from the table in a hurry and places my heel on his shoulder and inserts his first two fingers in my vagina in a way to get a spoonful amount of white fluid, I can sense him licking his finger. He licks my vaginal skins. ‘You are so delicious,’ his words are echoing the current in my blood. I look at him… He is sliding his tongue inside out of my cunt.

‘Inder… fuck me,’ I am huffing for breath. His eyes on me while tongue licking my quim is making him look way sexier. He unties my other leg, both my wrists and quickly gets me out of the chair. Being braided with the rope I bend on the chair top resting on my knees on the seat, he stands behind me and tantalizes my ass. ‘I’m loving you even more…’ he says right before touching his penis glans to my area. He holds my waist with one hand and enters into my cavity slowly. I release myself on the top edge to the chair. ‘Oh… Inder... I’m loving it,’ my words are spontaneous. He slides back with a deep voice that reverberates in my head and stays still to bend on my body and he wraps his arms around my body resting his one hand on my left breast and the first two fingers of the other in my mouth. He lays a grip of his arms in me and squeezes my breast firmly. I suck his fingers in. ‘I love you,’ he slams harder in me with a jerk making me bite his fingers. Muscles of my vagina can feel the flesh. My toes stiffs, nerves of my body seem fastened, hands hold his arm around me, digging my nails into his skin, my tongue is curling while my teeth are trying to find a place in his fingers with his every push. Eyes are coming out of lids and voice is cracking every time.

He eases his body and touches my ass line. His moving fingers animate a holocaust in my nerves. My breath is fomenting the lava. He spits on my butthole and bites my hips to make me moan his name ‘Inder…’

‘You are all mine, Suchi. I love you. I am going to love you so much,’ he inserts a finger in there. My grip to hold the chair tightens in pain. He moves his finger in and out. He licks the skin and puts his tongue to insert in the hole. I feel so demure but pleased. He slides then his two tweaking fingers. He situates his leg near my knee and suppresses my hip by holding from the hipbone. The touch of his penis around the asshole convulses my body. His penetration makes me squirm like a fish without water. The pain and pleasure are driving me crazy. I can feel his swollen nerves. He slides it back. My feet stiff. He pokes it again deeper… and deeper. My screams are turning feeble. I am sweating in the air conditioned room.

He is groaning… my name in this voice is cresting me to the frenzy. His thumb approaches to touch my clitoris. He is rubbing my clit briskly. My legs are shivering. My voice is tired of the moaning. My trachea is parched.

‘ah!’ he slides out his dick from butthole and immediately scuffs in the first. I feel the warmth in there. The fluid of both is dripping from the vagina oozing on the cutis of thighs like some fire. I settle my thighs on my legs and he rests his head on my spine while his hands tumble with the gravity. He is gasping. I close my eyes and listen to music calmly. He stills for a few moments and then kisses my back.

He cuts the rope knotted with the door to set my head free. I stretch my neck to move all the sides and suddenly slip to fall. He immediately grabs me in his arms. I coil his arm. He collects me to rest in his arms. He is wiping the sweat from my torso with the towel and then the release. He lifts me in his arms to the bed.

‘Did I hurt you?’ he is licking his lips.

‘You can’t hurt me even in my dreams,’ I am blushing like some teen. He wears his specs and passes the water bottle from the side table but I hold his hand instead. I want to say a lot but don’t know how to start. I look into his eyes. He sits in front and hugs me. The lyrics of the song ‘pal’ are pouring its flavor to the music and to the mood as well…

…Ab tere bin mera… zikr hi gum jayega. Iss pal ko kas k thaam lu… hatheli se phir nikal jaye naa…