“He was drooling.”

It was last Friday night. I had a couple of drinks with my buddies and then took the metro to get back home. The train was kind of empty. Two stops before arriving to the final destination, where I am getting off, a hunk cub entered my wagon. Even though the mask was covering half his face I could tell that the guy was gorgeous. His shorts were tight, making his thick thighs even more delicious.

He came and sat across me. We were checking each other non stop. I took the risk and rubbed my crotch, as sign that I wanted more. He did the same. The train arrived at my stop and I waved my head inviting him to follow me. Without speaking a word he followed me to the elevator of the station were two more persons were waiting with us.

Inside the elevator he positioned himself in front of me, preventing the other passengers from watching me at the back. His hand grabbed my hard cock, not worrying about being seen. We exited the station and still with no word spoken we headed for the small park behind the main road. We found a secluded spot and stayed there.

After double checking that no one was watching us, he got on his knees and rubbed his masked face on my thick bulge. He unzipped me and without a second thought grabbed my hard cock with his sweaty hands. I was ready to be served. He took his mask and raised it up, freeing his mouth but now covering his eyes. He took my cock inside his mouth and started pleasuring me.

I never saw his full face. And that was so hot. Everything felt so illegal. He got his cock out and started beating it as mine was buried deep inside his throat. His chubby bubble butt was so pumped, completing this extremely hot scenery. It didn’t take long before I was ready to come.

I warned him but he didn’t move his head. He wanted to devour every drop. I came a lot and he was drooling, unable to withhold all of it. What he couldn’t swallow he spitted on his hand, lubricating it to continue beating his dick. He ate my cock again and let out a deep scream as he exploded between my legs. He put his mask correctly and got up. He winked at me and ran away, leaving me there horny and overwhelmed. It was so hot. It felt like we knew each other but he didn’t want me to notice.

N, London.