"He instructed me to sit on it."

I have been spending a lot of time at home lately, as everyone I guess. I broke up with my ex back in July, so I have spent all this time reinventing myself. As such, I redecorated my house, I bought many new plants, I am cooking a lot and trying to cut down on junk food. I am also taking a break from the apps and sex. Well, at least I tried. I really did though. I am not even flirting on instagram.

I jerk off at least three times per day, constantly diving into the never ending paradise of online porn. As a result no need, or power, for any more flirtatious actions.

Accompanying me in this self discovering journey is my beautiful dildo. My rubber best friend is helping me try out all these inspiring bits I come across online. He is also helping me train my insanely tight butthole, which according to my ex, was the number one reason why he was always bottoming. Yeah right, Mary.

Anyways. It was a casual Tuesday afternoon and I was going through the second self indulging action of the day. Filthy bear gangbang porn was playing on my 65’’ TV as my dildo was penetrating the last gate of my masculinity, while poppers were elevating the experience.

I was really enjoying the porn, visualising myself right there in the middle of the gang, getting banged and cream pied by all 5 thick bears. And then driiiiiing, the doorbell rang making me jump.

Naked with all kinds of liquids running down on me I ran to check who it might be. How could I forget that I was expecting the supermarket delivery?!

A big guy that I couldn’t actually see was there. I buzzed him in and ran and got dressed. But I didn’t have time to clean all the poppers and the mess in the living room, he was already at the door ringing the bell! I paused the porn, and thrown all the “equipment” on the side of the sofa, in an unsuccessful attempt to hide them. I was still hard as I was opening the door. All this panic was actually exciting. 

I open the door and oh wow. Tall, thick, bearded and hairy, with his manly uniform, like the bears in the film I was previously watching. Our greeting was short and full of masculinity. But god damn it, I forgot to pay online so I had to go get my wallet. He nodded that he was not in a rush and he could put the shopping bags inside the hall as I was searching for my wallet.

When I got back I saw him standing tall in front of the door, gazing over the sofa where I really unsuccessfully tried to hide the poppers and dildo.

“Nice play station you got there” he said and nodded towards my stuff and continued with “I hope I didn’t interrupt you”.

“It’s fine, don’t worry” I replied as I was taking the money out.

“That’s my favourite brand” he noted as he was grabbing the poppers. “May I?”

That took me by surprise. Shame and a stimulating thrill were showering my body at the same time.

“Yes, sure. Wanna come in?” I replied as precum was dripping from my cock.


I invited him to sit on the couch and started the movie again.

“Oh wow” he said and got a big sniff from the bottle.

I followed his lead and did the same. I got my pants down and started beating my already hard cock. He immediately got on his knees and started sucking me.

He got up and stuffed his gorgeous thick cock in my mouth as he was hitting the poppers again.

We did the same thing in rotation, while the 5 bears were gang banging in the background.

He then got the dildo and stabilised in on the flood. He instructed me to sit on it. I was so wet and horny that I managed to do it in one go. All 20 centimetres of it. He enjoyed that view that much that he came all over my face. He then got all the cum in his hand and started beating my dick with it. He got down on his knees like a dog and started sucking me, while his cum was all over my dick. It took no more than 10 seconds for me to explode inside his mouth. He got up and gave me a juicy kiss that I will never forget.

We got cleaned up and he left to continue his work. We both agreed that was fun and should happen again. I told him that he could pass by after he was done with his shift. And so he did.

At 10pm he was ringing my doorbell again, this time accompanied by a bottle of white wine.

We ended up spending the whole night together. We were sucking and fucking the whole night non stop. We stopped at some point around 5am because we were starving.

After a couple of hours of sleep he got dressed and headed to work again. After he left, I jerked off once again as I could still feel his thick cock fucking me endlessly. It seems that the dildo has really helped me relax and learn how to take a dick in. All this training paid off. Thank you, my friend.