“You can touch it, if you want.”

Gym, my dreamland. An endless source of inspiration. Hot guys of all sizes, colors, body types, all around you. Sweating, moaning, smelling…

I love going to the gym for so many reasons. Seeing the hot guys is one of them. My gym is a well know cruising spot. But I don’t do that, I am shy. There have been many times though that I have interrupted naughty encounters at the steam room. Most of these times I feel bad for interrupting so I leave, as I am not comfortable enough to participate.

So one day the same thing happened. Finished my workout and headed to the steam room for some relaxation. There were two guys inside, sitting across of each other. I didn't see anything happening, but I could feel the vibes. But since I didn't see any cock throbbing I decided to stay and enjoy the wet heat. I sat in the corner, distancing my self from any potential danger. The guy on my right was a cute cub that has been laying eyes on me for the past couple of months. Very cute, around my age I guess, 30ish. Latino, yummy, sexy beard. The other guy, just half a meter away from me was a hot hunk daddy with grey beard and hair and huge arms. I haven't seen him before. He was insanely hot. The face, the body, the hair, everything was perfect. His towel was covering his bulge so I couldn't have a look at his cock. But it surely looked yummy.

All three of us were exchanging looks, up and down, checking every bit of each other. After five minutes, the daddy got up in order to leave. As he was getting up, his towel slipped and fell on the floor, freeing his privates. I was shocked. It was thick and long like a beer can. As daddy left the room, I noticed that the cute cub was also in awe.

“Did you see that?” he asked me, with a shocked face.

“You bet I did” I replied, still not able to believe what I had just seen.

“Damn. Hot daddies, torturing us.”

I nodded, not speaking words but blowing out air, trying to sound less horny than I actually was.

“I wish I could taste him” he added.

He understood that I was not feeling very comfortable so he stopped. We chatted for a bit more and then left together, without doing anything. He asked me for my instagram so we could stay in touch and become gym buddies. I found it very cute.

The next day I was at the gym again, doing my Wednesday aerobics. The hot daddy suddenly appeared next to me. For the whole session, my eyes were locked on his bulge. In my mind, my hands and mouth were all over him. He noticed. Our eyes met many times, making me feel even more uncomfortable than usual. But I couldn't stop. My eyes were there. When I got the chance, I took a pic of him and sent it to my new buddy. “Look what you are missing”. He told me that he was on his way over there so he would probably catch us.

The session was over and I headed to the steam room again. Daddy was following me. We got inside the room and we sat on the spots as the day before. Once again, my eyes were locked on his bulge.

“You can touch it if you want” he said.

My heart started beating fast. Without speaking a word, without even realizing what I was about to do, my hand slipped over, pushing away his towel. I grabbed it. His thick, juicy cock was in my palm. I played with is as it was a toy that I had never seen before. He started getting hard and so did I. I have never done this before, in the gym. He was silently moaning, showing me how much he was enjoying my touch.

“Someone is coming” he said, and covered himself again.

It was my buddy! He rushed into the steam room, hoping to catch us here. And he did. He nodded “hey” and sat at his spot. I am sure he was able to understand the situation. I could see his cock getting hard.

“Can my friend touch it too?” I asked not even a minute later, experiencing an overwhelming excitement.

“Sure” the daddy said, revealing his monster cock again. My buddy didn't loose the opportunity. He got on his knees, and positioned himself in front of his master. He grabbed daddy’s cock and put it in his mouth. He looked at me, inviting me to join him. I then got on my knees as well, and started sharing that beautiful cock. Daddy was loving it. We were jerking off each other, while kissing on daddy’s cock. Daddy was holding both of our heads, while enjoying the view of two hungry cubs devouring his hard cock.

“Boys, I am gonna come” he said, and we stood there, ready to eat everything. His juice was thick, and a lot! He fed our appetite really pleasantly. We kissed with my buddy, with daddy’s cum all over our faces. Then my buddy got up, and feb me his cum. And then I did the same to him.

“Good boys” daddy said slapping our butts.

We all agreed that this has to happen again. We exchanged numbers and planned our next meeting. When this is done, I will let you know.