“Anything for our little greek cub.”

“Maiko Cub”

This is a story I’ve been thinking about sharing with you fluffers for a long time. While in my 4th year of studies, I got to travel to Japan on a school trip. Our itinerary was filled with architecture visits, sightseeing, devouring slurpy ramen and walking our feet off. We would return to our hotel tired but so full of new experiences.

Speaking of new experiences, I should mention I was still a virgin. A 23 years-old, virgin, hairy cub from Athens.(Tell me about late blooming!) I was so eager to learn but inexperienced as fuck.

On our last days in Kyoto, we took a guided tour through the cobbled streets of Gion, the Geisha district of the city. We learned a few interesting facts about a geisha’s life and work. One thing that really stood out for me was the Mizuage ceremony. According to that tradition a patron paid a great sum of money to take a maiko’s (young geisha apprentice) virginity. I found it kind of crazy but didn’t pay more attention to it. Soon after that we decided to grab dinner and head back to our hotel for some rest.

I wanted to make a call back home before heading upstairs and joining my roommates so I hung around the lobby to use the hotel’s pay-phones. I finished my call and was swiftly on my way to the elevator, looking forward to crashing on my bed.

“Please, hold it!” a deep manly voice from across the corridor demanded my attention. Two suited guys dashed towards me, getting in the cabin just before the doors closed.

“Good afternoon” the older one said. He was in his mid-40s, salt and pepper hair and a burly build, a handsome papa-bear.

“Hello” I responded reluctantly.
“Are you here for work or pleasure?” he continued.

I explained the whole school trip thing, while struggling to keep my eyes off their scruffy faces and the bulging figures under their suits.

“Me and my colleague are from the States, we have been on business meetings all week long but we are leaving tomorrow.”

“Oh cool...” I stuttered.

The younger guy remained silent all this time. He must have been around 35, chubbier than the pappa-bear with a close-trimmed beard and huge hairy hands.

The elevator binged and came to a stop. We have reached their floor.

“So we were going to have a drink at my room”, the papa-bear said with a sexy grin, “If you’d like you can join me and Peter...”

I just nodded, and next thing you know I was exiting the elevator with them, following those guys like I was mesmerised. It didn’t feel like I was walking. I was hovering above ground like a ghost character out of a Miyazaki film. I entered their room and heard the door shutting behind me.

Next thing I felt was two pairs of hands touching my ass and crotch, wet lips kissing the back of my neck, the smell of alcohol. They slowly undressed me and carried me to bed.

I’ve always had a thing for suited bears & daddies and those two were fine specimens of their kind.

I unbuttoned papa Bear’s shirt only to reveal a furry chest and massive nipples. I immediately started sucking on them, burying my face in his hairy torso and sniffing a day’s worth of sweat. Peter has removed his trousers and was already jerking his cock with one hand, while rubbing his fingers against my hole, using his own spit as lube.

I was used to experimenting with my own fingers but taking a man’s penis inside me was so far out of my comfort zone. I was getting really nervous but before I even managed to say anything, papa bear pulled his throbbing dick out of his zip fly. I was stunned.

A thick, dark-skinned pecker with the most amazing pair of low-hangers I’ve ever seen was in front of me and it was all mine. Suddenly a new sensation! Something wet and warm poking at my anus.

So there I was sucking dick for the first time while being tongue-fucked on all fours.

“Let’s get a bit more comfortable” papa Bear said. I dutifully started removing the rest of their clothes.

“Could you please keep your socks on, please” I murmured They smiled at each other, “Anything for our little greek cub”

I was in bear heaven, two burly daddies with black otc socks, thick legs, bulging bellies and cocks dripping loads of precum.

They took turns fucking me and using my mouth. I lost track of time, I remember the feel of my hole stretching to receive their thick man meat and what felt like a dozen hands caressing my body, stroking my cock and pinching my nipples.

My cock was red, all swollen up and ready to burst from the feeling of Peter’s dick hitting my prostate.

“Argh!! I’m gonna cum” I shouted and then a fountain of white thick sperm landed on papa Bear’s belly.

“That’s great boy, now it’s our turn” Peter said and soon enough left a deep sigh before collapsing on me. I could feel his warm juices trickling down my thigh.

Papa bear ordered me to get to the edge of the bed on all fours while he stood behind me.

“Daddy loves some sloppy seconds” he said “Now that you are all lubed up for me, it’s my turn to fill you up boy.

He fucked me for what seemed like ages, he was more experienced and more brutal than Peter. His balls were slapping against mine and for the second time that night I felt my gut filling with semen.

All three of us were so spent, we fell onto the bed trying to catch our breaths. I was feeling exhausted and ecstatic at the same time.

“I should probably head to my room...” I said.

“Oh that’s not happening baby, at least not tonight” papa Bear said and then they both laughed.

They hugged me and soon I was asleep between their husky bodies. The rest of the night was a fuck/cum/sleep/repeat until the early hours.

The buzzing noise of my phone woke me up, it was morning already. My friends were worried about me, I assured them everything was ok and would soon meet them for breakfast.

I was alone in the room, still naked, no sign of them except a small folded note on the nightstand. As I reached to grab it, 40.000¥ in bank notes slipped out.

“Thank you for last night.Enjoy the rest of your trip boy ;) ”

I was dumbstruck...although I had learned about the mizuage tradition just the day before I could never imagine I would get a first-hand experience.

I got my cherry popped in Japan and then received a little something for it. I smiled, got dressed and left to meet my friends.

I guess that’s what people mean by “when in Kyoto” :P

Dimitris, 33, Athens