"It was so much I was gagging."

It was a very boring Monday afternoon  and I had just finished work. I decided to walk home instead of taking the train, in order to exercise and work on my stress.

The sun had already set down when I reached the small park that’s located midway to my house. There was no one there. Just me and the music playing in my ears. 

Lights appeared behind of me. There was a taxi passing by. The car stopped 100 meters after me and the driver came out. He was tall and kind of chubby, from what I could see. He was going to the bushes that were close to the street, obviously to pee. Something very common for greek taxi drivers.

He didn’t get much inside, he stayed close to the street. And he was not very shy to hide himself. I could totally see him peeing. I couldn’t help but starring.

I slowed down as I was getting closer. The view felt like an amateur porn video, like the ones that I really enjoy. He noticed that I was starring. But he didn’t move. 

He ran out of pee but he didn’t close his zip. He started throbbing his dick, as we usually do to “clean” it after peeing. But he was getting hard. He was watching me getting closer, and he was getting hard throbbing his dick. 

I couldn’t see very well, but the scenery was very arousing. His very greek physique was the cherry on top. I didn’t hold myself, I started throbbing my crotch, always keeping eye contact. I was hard too.

I reached him. I stopped and continued starring at his hard dick. 

“Do you want to suck it?” He said throbbing it.

I approached him slowly. I grabbed his thick dick  firmly and looked him in the eyes. “Yes.”

I got on my knees and put it in my mouth. It was so thick and delicious. I took my hard dick out and started throbbing it hard. 

He was enjoying the show a lot. I could feel his precum. At some point he stopped me, grabbed my head and made me face him. He opened my mouth and spitted on it. Then he made me continue, but harder this time. 

He was making all these daddy sounds and he was driving me crazy. I was holding myself not to cum. 

“You wanna eat it?” He asked looking me in the eyes. I nodded happily with his dick in my mouth. And he started unloading inside me. It was so much I was gagging. I couldn’t hold all of it inside me. I was drooling with cum. It tasted so good. 

I came too. Some of it splashed on his shoes. “Now lick that too” he pointed. And I did. 

“Kavliari” he said. That’s slang for “sexy boy”. I smiled proudly. He sighed pleasantly and winked good night. 

I decided to walk home more often.

X, Athens.