"Are you sure? Yes."


So, I am a general doctor and I visit patients at home. My father used to be a doctor and so I took over his patients when he wanted to retire. One of them is a neighbor that we actually live on the same building. Very cute lady, in her mid 60s. She has weak knees and I help her with some injections from time to time. So that time had come and she called me to go do the magic. I told her that I would visit her later the same afternoon, right when I get back from work. And so I did. To my surprise, her daughter was visiting. Catherine, a gorgeous brunette that we used to go to school together. She now lives abroad and visits occasionally for holidays etc. The truth is that we used to have a thing back in high school. No sex, just holding hands and kissing. But even that was a big thing back then, you know. Anyways, so happy to see her. I treated her mother and then we had a small chat, sharing our news. I gave her a hug and left, dying to go lay on my sofa and relax. Had a shower, ordered some food, watched some tv series, had a glass of wine and it was about to time to head to bed. It was a bit after midnight when my door bell rang. I got up, checked the peephole and saw Catherine anxiously waiting for me to open the door. I was afraid something happened to her mother.

“Hi! I am so so sorry for buzzing you that late! But I am having an emergency.”

“What happened? Is everyone ok?”

“Yes, yes! Everyone is ok! Well, except me… I guess.”

“What’s going on? You are scaring me!”

She was red from blushing. She was mumbling and couldn’t look me in the eyes…

“You see… I was fooling around and…. and… I got something stuck inside me… And I cannot take it out now…”

I rolled me eyes, million thoughts passing through my mind, “Come inside.”

I made her sit down and tell me the full story.

“So you see, I have this toy. It’s a sex toy. It’s a chain of balls…”, said with her hands wet from anxiety and her face still red.

“So… I like to put these ball inside me. Inside my… my vegina… And I don't know what happened, and… and… one of these balls got loose and… and now I cannot find it!” I am going crazy! Do I have to go to the hospital? Will something bad happen to me?!”

She was so stressed. I was dying inside. I wanted to laugh but on the same time I was feeling so bad for her.

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen to you. This is very common, it can happen really easily. Have you tried to… find it?”

“Yes! I have been trying and trying and trying but nothing! my hands cannot bend that much.”

She then paused, grasped her breath and looked my in the eyes, red as a tomato. “Maybe… you can help me?”

So many thoughts were going through my mind. As a doctor, I should provide help. As a man, I was afraid this could be misjudged, even backfiring. As Catharines high school ex boyfriend, I wanted to do what I never did back then.

“Are you sure?”


I got up, put on two glasses of whiskey and got back to her.


We poured it down in one zip, like it was water. I got up, cleaned my hands and got some lube from the bedroom. When I got back to the living room she was already half naked, with her legs spread, inviting me in. I was trying to control my erection. I sat on the floor in order to have more space to work on it, trying to make it look more professional. I put the lube and took a big breath.

“Ok, let’s do this.”

I tried to approach this as a doctor, not playing with her lips, doing the right movements I would do in my office in whoever patient I would have to treat.

“It’s too tight, can you play with it a bit?”

I was getting sweaty, stressed, aroused. I then started playing with her pussy like I wanted to please it. Like I wanted it to let me in. I was feeling it getting hotter, more wet, more inviting.Her nipples were hard, her hands were grabbing the pillows. She was enjoying it. As my finger was getting deeper and deeper inside her, I was forgetting why I was doing this. I thought, maybe if I used two fingers it would be easier to grab the ball. So I did.

“I cannot find it…”

“Get deeper…” she said.

I thought maybe we should consider gravity, so I made her move a bit and take another position, almost like standing up. My hand was then penetrating her from below, going upwards. I felt the gravity working.

“Oh!” she whispered with the eyes closed. She was embarrassed but totally enjoying it.

My cock was hard, I couldn't help it. I was feeling this was wrong but my teenage self was enjoying how wet Catharine’s  pussy was for me. Both my fingers were swallowed inside her, looking for that ball. I kept pushing and pushing, trying to reach the endless bottom. Her moaning was getting heavier, making her shiver. She then grabbed my shoulder, screaming “Oh God!”. Her pussy was squeezing my hand, like reclaiming the territory. And then I felt it, the ball was there, at the end of my fingers. “Here it is!” I said while my fingers where reaching for the treasured ball. “Ohhhhhh” she yelled, as she was squirting all over me. I had the ball, and I had her. She had an intense orgasm. My hand slipped out of her as she was falling back on the sofa. I was feeling so proud. I did it. I didn't get up as I didn't want to show her how hard my cock was. She almost fainted there, trying to grasp her breath.

“Thank you.”

“Can I keep this?” I said holding the ball.

“Sure” she replied laughing.

She left, thanking me, saying how embarrassed she was.

The moment the door closed my hand was already stroking my cock. I came instantly. The ball now lives inside a black box, on the side table of my bedroom.

Vangelis, 35 Athens